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Last updated: 8 June 2020

We appreciate you may have some questions around the current situation and hope the following FAQs can help provide answers.

Students should also check their Trinity Laban emails regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Learning & Teaching

How will lessons will be delivered from September? Is there a possibility of a partial return with some lessons on-site and some online?  

We are planning to fully re-open our buildings in September. Teaching will be via a combination of in-person and virtual methods, so that we can ensure that we practice social distancing on campus. Of course, the safety of our students is the most important factor in our plans.

Will the course start date be delayed?

The start of autumn term is scheduled for 7 September 2020 and, subject to UK government advice, this will go ahead as planned.

Will there be any face-to-face teaching?

Yes. More details will be published soon.

How will performance opportunities go ahead safely? If they can’t, how will the curriculum to be adapted?

Performance is an integral part of our programmes. Until it is safe to re-open our large performance spaces, we will find ways of presenting work digitally or at small scale, building up across the year as social distancing is lifted. If you haven’t yet checked out the incredible range of digital performance that we’ve produced over the last few months, please do.

Can I access the libraries?

While the buildings are closed, library access is limited to online resources.

Laban Library (Faculty of Dance)

Staff are working remotely and available to assist you during usual library opening hours, except weekends. You can contact library staff by email to; by telephone on 020 8305 9333 or by using live chat. In addition, it is possible to set up face-to-face meetings with Laban Library staff via Microsoft Teams. These links are also on the Laban Library catalogue home page and on our Moodle Laban Library information page.

Physical return of library loans – graduating and deferring students

This procedure is for:

  • students who have already or are completing their studies in June or July
  • students who are deferring, and;
  • students who live in South East London or can come to the Laban Building, Creekside, SE8 3DZ.

It is not for continuing students or students unable to come to the Laban Building. We ask that continuing students keep their loans until they return to Trinity Laban buildings for their studies. We are working on plans for the return of loans from graduating and deferring students who live in other parts of or outside the UK.

From Monday 22nd June, you or someone on your behalf can return books and other resources borrowed from Laban Library to the Laban Building in Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ:

  • This facility is available between 9.00 and 17.00 every day, Monday to Sunday
  • Returned items must be in clean, disposable, non-returnable bags, otherwise the items will not be accepted. Students are responsible for ensuring items are protected from rain, for example by taping the bag closed
  • Please label the bag with D (for the Laban / dance library) or M (for the Jerwood / music library), so that it is sent to the correct library for processing
  • You or someone on your behalf will ring the bell at the Creekside entrance to the Laban Building, and wait for the Security Officer to come to the gate
  • The Security Officer will take the bag and will not issue a receipt
  • The bag will be placed in the Dance library for processing when library staff return to the building (it is currently envisaged that this will be in September, though this may change)
  • Please email the relevant library ( or to inform them you have returned your items
  • Staff will return your loans on their library system as soon as practical

A generic email will be sent, informing that all returned loans by then (a date after the return of library staff, as yet undetermined) have been removed from student library accounts. You will be asked to check your library account and inform us about any issues.

QuickSearch for Libraries is available 24/7. We are adding more e-books to the Dance library catalogue, which are becoming accessible as quickly as possible. Access via Moodle > Links menu > Library links > QuickSearch for Libraries.

QuickSearch is about more than books, journals and their electronic equivalents. It includes collections of Dance videos, theses and much else. eStream (Trinity Laban’s multimedia streaming service) remains active, and we are making more recordings available off-site. Documentation on how to use eStream (including how to add your own recordings) is available on the AV Support knowledgebase. For further assistance, contact

Jerwood Library (Faculty of Music)

Staff are working remotely and are available to answer enquiries between the hours of 9am-5pm Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays). Enquiries may be made by telephone (020) 8305 3951; email  or using the online chat function from the library catalogue. Students can book a one-to-one video/audio appointment with a librarian via Moodle.

Graduating and deferring students can now return library items to the Faculty of Dance. Please follow the procedures under the ‘Physical return of library loans – graduating and deferring students’ heading in the Laban Library section above. All loans that were due for return on or after 15 February have automatically been renewed to Thursday 17 September, including items on loan to students completing a course while the buildings are closed. No fines will accrue during the period that the library is closed. We will update staff and returning students when we are able to receive returned items.

Whilst there is currently no access to the library’s physical collections, all online resources remain available 24/7. The library’s search tool Quicksearch can be used to access thousands of online books, recordings, videos, journal articles, scores etc. whilst the Online Resources page on Moodle allows databases to be searched individually, and includes descriptions, guides and tutorials. Further guidance is available via Moodle > Links menu > Library links > Jerwood Library information page.

Additionally library staff are working with the Digital Learning Manager in supporting teachers in their use of library resources within online tuition, and setting up access to additional online resources to support students in their studies.

I loan or share an instrument, or store my instrument at the Conservatoire, what should I do?

Please ask your Head of Department for advice and guidance.

If you already possess an instrument borrowed from Trinity Laban, please contact:



Social distancing measures

What kind of social distancing measures and precautions will be in place?

Your safety is paramount to us, and we will not be doing any activity that puts any member of our community at risk. We have been closely following the Government’s advice since the start of the lockdown, and we will continue to do so in future. We are making plans on how to implement social distancing across all our courses come September and will share further details of those as soon as they are confirmed. Our Student Services team will be able to help you register with a doctor once you’re here and receive free wellbeing support, such as counselling, if you are facing any difficulties or feeling isolated.



Fees and finance

Will there be a reduction in course fees due to changes made to ensure social distancing?

Your programme has been altered so that you still continue to receive world-class training. No reduction of fees will be made.

When do I need to pay my first instalment for tuition fees?

Information regarding fee payments can be found online. If you are paying your fees yourself, the first instalment is due by 1st September. If you are paying using Student Finance, we will receive the payment automatically once we have confirmed your registration.

Will I be able to get a refund on my accommodation deposit if I decide not to move to London due to Covid-19?

If you have applied to live in our McMillan student halls, you are required to pay a £250 holding deposit to secure your room. If your application is unsuccessful, we will refund your £250 holding deposit. Normally, if you withdraw your application, either prior to or following allocation of rooms, we will retain your £250 to cover administrative costs incurred. However, if you are not allowed to travel to the UK because of Government’s advice, we will refund your deposit.
For more information on accommodation, please see our FAQs and Housing Guide.

I plan to move into my external accommodation before the course start date, is there a way I can get Student Finance before enrolment day?

Unfortunately we are not able to confirm your enrolment with Student Finance until you have completed registration and therefore you will not receive your loan until after then.  If you are moving into McMillan Student Village and have received confirmation of your Student Finance, we may be able to use this for the first instalment.  Please contact to discuss this.

When will Student Finance be open?

Student Finance is open, and you should apply as soon as possible.

Covid-19 has negatively impacted my financial situation, what can I do?

Please contact Admissions to discuss your circumstances and also look at the Fees and Finance section of our website.



International students

What happens if I am unable to travel to the UK in September?

If this is the case, please contact Admissions to discuss your circumstances. Whilst we do acknowledge that some international students may be delayed, we hope that you will still be able to join us.

What happens if I need to self-isolate on arrival in the UK or if there is a new lockdown in September?

Following the Government’s announcement, we are working with accommodation providers to work out a way in which we can support you in case you are required to self-isolate when you arrive in the UK.

If a new lockdown happens after the start of term we will work with our student services teams to support students who remain at Trinity Laban, or to help you travel home to self-isolate, as we have done with our students this term.

Will I still be able to apply for a visa?

We will begin the CAS process as usual on 8 June, when you will receive a survey to complete. Outside of the UK, we are aware that visa application centres (VACs) in some countries have been closed for several weeks but we hope that the visa centres will resume service before you need to apply for the Tier 4 visa and are monitoring the situation closely.

What happens if I can’t get a visa by my course start date?

Stay in contact with us and let us know when you are likely to receive your Tier 4 visa.  We appreciate that some students may be delayed because of visa or travel delays but hope to still be able to accommodate you.

I have taken the IELTS exam online, is it valid?

We accept several online English language tests as proof of eligibility.
The following providers have online opportunities available:

IELTs indicator





Health and Wellbeing

As things change almost daily how often can we expect status updates?

Will be identifying more opportunities for you to talk to staff and students ahead of joining us next term, and regularly updating these website pages. We will also regularly send email communications.

What are the arrangements for students who are ‘vulnerable’ and ‘high risk’ for contracting coronavirus?

We are committed to support the health and wellbeing of every student. If you consider yourself in the ‘high risk group’ please share your concerns with us by emailing our head of student services James Hitchins so that we can work out the best way to support you.

When and how should I self-isolate?

The NHS has published a comprehensive guide to self-isolation. You should self-isolate when you begin to display symptoms, such as a high temperature, fever, or new continuous cough.  During self-isolation you should avoid, as far as is possible, any contact with any other people. You should not leave your house, flat or room.

I need to take time off for health issues unrelated to coronavirus, how do I do this?

We understand that it might be difficult for students to get medical attention for illnesses unrelated to COVID-19 at the present time, therefore it will be possible for students to self-certify for up to 7 days for any illness. Please complete the self-certification MC form available on Moodle if you are unable to meet an assessment deadline.

For advice on MCs, please contact the Academic Administration team in the relevant faculty:

How do I look after my mental health during this time?

We have put together a few ideas which may help you navigate the current climate:

  • Establish a routine
  • Try and eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly if you can
  • When you aren’t studying, learn a new hobby or do activities you like to keep busy and help you relax
  • Try to reduce the amount of news and social media you consume
  • Do things that make you smile
  • Refocus your attention on the positives in your life
  • Notice how you’re feeling
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Keep in contact with your teams and with your friends and family

It is understandable to feel anxious, overwhelmed and vulnerable at the moment, even if you don’t generally experience anxiety. If you need support, please talk to your Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or Coordinator, or speak to Student Services.

How can I get support from Trinity Laban Students’ Union?

If you need to get in touch with TLSU for anything at all – whether it’s for academic or pastoral support, financial advice, wellbeing or even just for a chat – you can drop SU President Eleanor Strutt an email or find out more information from their TLSU Facebook pages or website.