Laban Theatre

Our Laban Theatre is a key dance venue in London. It is a unique, small to middle scale 300 seat venue, specifically designed for contemporary dance. In contrast to the translucent external envelope of the building, the theatre is an ever present solid body, appearing throughout the building at all levels. At night the theatre can be seen from the outside as the walls become transparent.

The technical specification of the venue is extremely impressive, with a stage area of 18 metres by 14 metres and a full counter weight flying facility. The lighting and sound technical specification is state of the art which gives an enormous creative potential for professionals and students alike.

The theatre, including many of its technical facilities, is fully accessible. Technical facilities are tailored to meet the needs of the specialist Theatre Design and Production courses run by Trinity Laban.

Studio Theatre

Our Studio Theatre is a 100 seat venue which is primarily used for experimental work, work in progress, choreographic platforms and student or community performances.

Laurie Grove Performance Lab

The orignal Bonnie Bird Theatre, this space is now home to the newly renovated performance laboratory at Laurie Grove in New Cross.

Outdoor Theatre

Our outdoor theatre is used for spectacular outdoor events which fuse performance, film, pyrotechnic and architectural lighting.