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Erin Sanchez

Dancers' Health Advocate and Educator


The MSc Dance Science, and the faculty who contribute to it, opened the door to a career that allows me to give back to dance and dancers. As a result of this degree, I now work alongside passionate and intelligent colleagues, engaged in making meaningful changes to improve dancers’ health, wellbeing, and performance

Erin Sanchez
Erin Sanchez



Erin Sanchez graduated with an MSc Dance Science in 2010. She is the Manager of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science, and Manager of Health, Wellbeing, and Performance at One Dance UK. Following graduation from Trinity Laban, she gained the Safe and Effective Dance Practice qualification and trained with Prof Joan Duda to deliver Empowering Dance©, a teacher training course in motivational climate. She has written the modules in dance science in collaboration with bbodance’s Teacher Qualifications and ISTD’s Level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy. She is a Registered Provider for Safe in Dance International and runs the Dance Psychology Network. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Sport, Physical Education, and Health Sciences from the University of Edinburgh investigating the nature, development and deployment of psychological skills in the pursuit and attainment of high performance in dance.

Photo credit: Dani Bower Photography for Once Dance UK