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Gabrielle Staiger

Choreographer, Teacher


Using my [Trinity] Laban background I developed a dance technique, creative systems to initiate co-creative process and a body practise for the education of actors. It’s the perfect knowledge to have in order to work in a variety of contexts, trigger agile reflection and development.

Gabrielle Staiger
Gabrielle Staiger


Gabrielle Staiger graduated in 1991 with a BA in Dance Studies. Since graduating, she has worked internationally as a choreographer and teacher, with a specific interest in the co-creative process. She created 30 works for dance and drama receiving numerous scholarships and awards. Her specific dance technique and composition classes she’s been teaching in higher education as well as for dance companies in the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, France and Sweden. She was Professor at Palucca School in Dresden as well as at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. 

Photo credit: Mara Monetti