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Gianluca Vincentini

Dance Artist, Choreographer, Director


I was incredibly fortunate to work with very inspiring choreographers and tutors during my time with Transitions. I would like to thank them for giving me the necessary framework to explore and discover – it helped me shape my career.

Gianluca Vincentini
Gianluca Vincentini


Gianluca Vincentini was a member of Transitions Dance Company, graduating in 2003. Since then he has performed, taught and directed dance throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and USA. Performance credits include: Henri Oguike, IJAD Dance Company, Efrosini Protopapa’s Lapsus Corpi, and Iceland Dance Company.

Gianluca was Assistant Artistic Director and Rehearsal Director for Iceland Dance Company and collaborative Rehearsal Director for Carte Blanche. He then took on the role of Artistic Director for VERVE and Head of Professional Development at Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

Gianluca has worked for different theatres and musical productions as well as television as assistant choreographer for the UK version of the popular BBC TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

Gianluca is Festival and Theatre Co-Director at AGITART, and offers freelance Artistic Direction, programming and curation across the dance industry internationally as well as coaching and supporting dance artists under his own company, Möbius Dance.

Photo Credit: Danilo Moroni