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Madeleine Dahm

Director, Dramaturg, Physical Theatre Specialist


My time at Trinity Laban was pivotal in helping me define myself as an artist. It laid the ground for me becoming a director, choreographer, and arts activist. The freedom to investigate, create and customize my experiences along with the quality of instruction was second to none.

Madeleine Dahm
Madeleine Dahm


Madeleine completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance in 1988. Since graduation she has worked with some of the world’s leading theatre and dance companies, arts organizations and training academies. Madeleine works as a director, dramaturg and physical theatre specialist in the US and Europe. She is a resident artist at The Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts in LA, and Director of The Studio Theatre Company at The Wallis. She is an award winning Master Teaching Artist and Coach for The Music Center of Los Angeles, (training their teaching faculty and leading professional development.) She has also been on the theatre faculty at the University of Southern California. Recent artistic credits include: Co - Director, Choreographer and Trainer of BAMsemble (Italian theatre Company); Rehearsal Director for the Martha Graham Dance Company’s Panorama Project; Associate Director and Choreographer for Opera Installation The House is Black (NY Metropolitan Museum of Art).

Visit Madeleine's Vimeo page.