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Marcella Puppini

Vocalist, Arranger, Songwriter


I came to Trinity Laban after studying Fashion and working for Vivienne Westwood, and it changed my life. I went from having very little knowledge of music (bar piano lessons as a child) to achieving the career of my dreams, thanks to great teaching and inspiring peers.

Marcella Puppini
Marcella Puppini


Marcella Puppini graduated in 2003 after completing a BMus (voice). She formed vocal harmony trio the Puppini Sisters with fellow Trinity Laban alumni Kate Mullins and Rosanna Shura (who was later replaced by Stephanie O’Brien and Emma Smith). The trio earned a gold disc for their debut album, Betcha Bottom Dollar, and have made numerous TV appearances, performed live all over the world, recorded three further albums and have collaborated with Michael Bublé. Marcella has worked with Marisa Carnesky and Olivier-award-winning collective Duckie. She was also the in-house songwriter and musical director for The Whoopee Club. As well as the Puppini Sisters, Marcella formed the band Marcella and the Forget Me Nots, for which she writes all the songs and arrangements. She has also been a conductor for the Russian jazz big band The George Garanian Big Band and a presenter on Shoreditch Radio.

Photo credit: Karolina Urbaniak