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Ming-Hei (Ronny) Wong

Dance Artist, Teacher


I had an amazing time at Trinity Laban; I met beautiful and intelligent dancers and great friends; it helped start my wonderful career in London coming from Hong Kong.

Ming-Hei (Ronny) Wong
Ming-Hei (Ronny) Wong


As a dancer in Transitions Dance Company, Ming-Hei Wong obtained a Master's degree in Performance from Trinity Laban in 2008. Following graduation, he remained in London and worked with many high-profile dance companies including: The Featherstonehaughs, Candoco Dance Company, Protein, Tilted Productions, and the Jean Abreu Dance Company.

He is now based in Hong Kong, where he teaches contemporary dance and improvisation at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. He also presents his work and showed Thea at the 44th Hong Kong Arts Festival.

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MA Dance Performance

Experience being a member of a professional dance company, creating new work with three specially commissioned choreographers, and touring nationally and internationally in Transitions Dance Company.

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