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Nefeli Tsiouti

Dance Scientist, Dance Artist


While studying at Trinity Laban I experienced great networking with the dance and science sector, as well as got the chance to travel to Hong Kong, supported by a Trinity Laban grant to present my research at the IADMS Conference, invaluable experience!

Nefeli Tsiouti
Nefeli Tsiouti


Nefeli Tsiouti graduated in 2016 with an MSc in Dance ScienceShe also holds a BA in French Language and Literature (University of Athens) and an MA in Choreography (Middlesex University). She is a freelance choreographer, dancer, and a sports massage therapist and the founder and director of Project Breakalign, a prevention of injuries project with a focus on Breaking (also known as Breakdance). She serves on the Board of Directors of Healthy Dancer Canada (HDC) and the United Breakin’ Association (UBA). Nefeli is also on the Bogliasco Foundation Fellowship Advisory Committee for Dance in Europe and works as Associate Researcher Cyprus Musculoskeletal and Sports Trauma Research Centre and is a co-opted member of the Education Committee of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science (IADMS). Nefeli has presented research at IADMS Conference in Hong Kong and at research events including in Brazil and Canada. During her time at Trinity Laban she was the MSc student representative.