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Click below to hear audio recordings for Figure 1 – 4 and click Introduction for more information.


This resource has been produced to further illustrate the recorded concert that took place at St Alfege Church on Thursday 22nd and 29th October 2020. The concerts and resource were made possible by a generous grant from the Royal Borough of Greenwich Council as part of the 2020 Black History Month celebrations, and provided a springboard for a year long programme of activity from Trinity Laban & Blackheath Halls – Black Culture 365. The talks and resource were created and developed by Master’s student violinist and composer Aanu Sodipe and Bachelor’s clarinet student Isreal Akindipe (Ọlá) with support from mentors Kevin Le Gendre and Richard Henry, alongside Trinity Laban’s Learning & Participation team. It introduces the audience to the music and culture of the Yorùbá people which features heavily in the concert programme. We would recommend watching the full video of the concert alongside this resource. The Yorùbá people are a tribe from the south west of Nigeria, but their rich and vibrant culture reaches across the world and is enjoyed by many. Many cultures in Nigeria have suffered belittling effects from occurrences such as the transatlantic slave trade, colonialism, the migration of English Christian missionaries to the country, the civil (Biafra) war, and tribalism to name a few. Despite this, its cultures have refused to be dampened, intimidated, eradicated, or lessened, but instead are thriving and have benefited many cultures where its diaspora reaches. The music in the programme aims to celebrate this.