I have previously applied for a Compass Commission; can I reapply? (Successful or not?)
Yes, previous applicants (and commissioned artists) can apply again if they are requesting support for a different project.

I have more than one project/idea. Can I apply more than once?
 If you have a number of proposals, please submit a separate application for each

My project/idea falls across more than one of the strands you specify. Does it matter which strand I select?
The strands are merely areas of interest – you can apply with a project that addresses one, more than one or none of these strands.

Does the cash funding just cover the development of the work or can it be used for touring?
Cash funding may be used for any element of the development of the work, but not for touring.

Will the commission need to culminate in a performance?

Do I need to have additional/match funding in place before I apply for Compass?
No. You do not need to have found additional funding to apply for Compass

Can I apply for additional funding?
Yes. To date, all Compass artists have successfully levered additional funding, including Grants for the Arts awards from Arts Council England.

At what point should I look for additional funding?
It is advised that additional funding applications will be much stronger if a Compass Commission has already been awarded.

What if the work has been already been performed in another form (a shorter length/at a scratch night etc)?
You can apply to develop an existing short work into a full-length piece, though this is likely to be a lower priority than a new idea. Scratch performances would be considered R&D, which would be fine.

Is there a particular length of work you are looking for?
This isn’t specified. However we do stipulate a ‘standalone’ piece- an entire experience in itself. We would not expect a work to form half of a double-bill.

Do I need to propose a budget for my work in my application?
The application stipulates that you should include ‘What you propose for this commission – your idea, who it involves, how you will make it happen, the site etc’. An indication of the budget is always useful.

If I am applying for a site-specific Commission, do I need to have identified a site before applying?
Being very clear about the site your work is to be presented in (or inspired by) may make your application more compelling.

Can the work be a solo?

How much of my video will be watched?
Up to 10 minutes. Please note that, unless your entire application is in video form, only videos of ‘long-listed’ applications will be watched, and videos that are longer than 10 minutes will not be watched in their entirety.

What should I include in my video?
Please include video which is integral to the communication of your idea. You can make reference to the video in your written proposal.

Do I have to include video in my application?
No. In fact if you feel that the video may not be a very clear example of your work, including it may undermine your proposal.

Can my application be video only?
Yes. Please ensure that your video provides us with the information that we have requested in the proposal section of the guidance notes.

Can my application be in other formats – BSL/Audio recording?

I am from the UK but working overseas; can I still apply?
Lead applicants must be UK-based, with the right to live and work here. Collaborators may be based overseas.