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In October 2019 Trinity Laban honoured five alumni

Gavin Greenaway, Paul Mounsey, John Powell, Emlyn Singleton and John Ashton Thomas received Honorary Fellowships in recognition of their professional accomplishments and collective contributions to film music.

First meeting at Trinity College of Music (now known as Trinity Laban) in the 1980s, the five have continued to work together in various permutations, including collaborating on the score for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the eleventh instalment of one of the highest-grossing film franchises ever.

The five returned to the Conservatoire on Thursday 24 October to share industry insights, career highlights and personal memories of their student days.

The unique celebration included Q&A workshops with current composition students and an in-conversation evening event in the Laban Theatre led by Dominic Murcott, Head of Composition and Megan Storer, Masters student and Innovation Award Winner.

“Collaboration is at the heart of what we do here at Trinity Laban, so it is wonderful to see our alumni fostering a core value of ours whilst making their mark on the profession.

They have demonstrated versatility, adaptability and creativity, and their work makes them true role models for students wanting to succeed in the notoriously competitive performing arts industry.”

Anthony Bowne, Principal