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This page is dedicated to Transitions Dance Company’s participatory activities. You can read about the activities we offer, as well as comments from students and teachers.

"The students really enjoyed their experience and the piece they produced with the dancers was beautifully choreographed and performed. The students were pushed physically to their limits... This is an experience they will remember for a very long time."- Caroline Crawford, Teacher at Thomas Telford School

We offer a comprehensive range of educational activities. Participatory work actively engages people with the Company, allowing a more in depth experience for those involved and we will work with you to help create a package that meets your requirements.


A typical workshop includes a contemporary technique warm-up followed by an opportunity to explore the creative process behind the current repertoire.

“They delivered with a calm reassuring manner, with lovely interaction with the students who obviously enjoyed their experience.” – Caroline Watkins, Teacher at Dagenham Park Community School

Creative Workshops

The participants have the opportunity to explore and relive the creative process that the company members experienced whilst working with the Choreographers, which makes up the current repertory.

“It improved my creative and choreographic skills.” – Student from Dagenham Park School

Contemporary Dance Class

Dance students at primary or secondary level will benefit from the unique experience of taking a class with a professional company – a thrilling experience for any promising dancer. Classes are devised for the level and age group in conjunction with the leader.


This formula combines the Contemporary Dance technique class with the creative workshop as detailed above in a single form.

“I found the workshop very challenging and felt a sense of pride when I was able to start to master the movement and perform it to the group.” – Student from Northbrook College


We are happy to accommodate longer workshops or residencies, which give participants the opportunity to work more closely with the Company.

Please contact Lee Bamford for further information.

Tel 020 8305 9371
Email L.Bamford@trinitylaban.ac.uk

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