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After an intensive period of creative exploration and rehearsals, third-year dance students perform a set of exciting new commissioned works.

The dancers, who are third years on the BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance course, have worked with leading choreographers Zoi Dimitriou, Struan Leslie, Gary Lambert and Tony Thatcher.

The resulting works premiered in the Laban building’s Bonnie Bird Theatre on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th October, and will now be toured around the UK.

99 moves

99 Moves

Choreography Zoi Dimitriou in collaboration with the dancers.
Composition and Sound Design Sam Hayden
Lighting Design Kieron Johnson
Costume Design Rosie Whiting
Special Thanks to Luca Braccia, Kathy Crick and the Production Team at Laban.

Dancers Monika Blaszczak, Nina Richard, Mateo Dupleich Rozo, Roosje Horckmans, Zara Sands, Dafni Margeli, Michael McEvoy, Elettra Piaggi, Rebecca Piersanti, Rebecca Posa, Lewis Sharp, Lydia Walker, Aaron Baksh, Jennie Boultbee, Panayiota Ioannou, Becca Hunt, Carys Waters, Holly Smith.

This work is concerned with history and the lineages created through time. What is the genealogy of a rhythm, a movement, how is it passed on and how is it appropriated by different people? Taking inspiration from dance culture ’99 Moves’ explores notions of pleasure, repetition, exhaustion and otherness.

Nothing & Being, Being & Nothing

Nothing & Being, Being & Nothing

Choreography Gary Lambert
Music Atticus Ross- The Book of Eli
Costume Lucy Minta Reeves          
Lighting Kieron Johnson
Dancers Sadie Ferguson, Gianni Baldi, Molly Hick, Matthew Shelton, Eleanor Sofflet, Jessica Chambers, Alisha Stanley, Emily Peake, Julia Costa, Lauren Dias, Abbi Gilert, Antonia Giomi, Patrick Webster, Ellie Trow, Abigail Manson Smith, Hanna Miles, Darren Payne, Poppy Sexton, Vanessa Trippick.

The works point of departure is taken from simply standing still. The process is fundamentally concerned with a question of human existence in space and time; with an aim to bring about or discover an individual sensibility and sentience portrayed through the image of the body.

Momento Mori

Momento Mori: Maria Barbara Bach and Paul Taylor

Choreography and Direction Struan Leslie, Movement created with the ensemble
Costume Martina Montorfani
Lighting Berta Pibernat
Music J S Bach Solo Violin Partita No 3 Played by Matthew TIghe
Dancers Hannah Aebi, Angus Bartlett, Lily Bracey, Suzanne De Vilder, Willa Faulkner, Tali Foxworthy Bowders, Diamanto Hadjizacharia, Erin Hughes, Pagan Hunt, Abbie Thompson, Sophie Page, Marlen Pflueger, Yvonne Rossi, Joanna Savva, Katie Serridge, Barnaby Blanchflower, Lisa Wright, Alice Collier, Hannah Connor.

A Momento Mori is an object or thing that is a reminder of someone who has died. The music is the last of the six solo violin works by J S Bach, written in 1720 after the death of his first wife Maria. American choreographer Paul Taylor died earlier this year. His work “Esplanade” was a formative experience for Struan Leslie.

'Un-Very' Unsetting Non-Space

‘Un-Very’ Unsetting Non-Space

Choreography Tony Thatcher with Flora Barros, in collaboration with the performers.
Composer Nicola L Hein
Lighting design Berta Pibernat
Costume design Estera Parker
Dancers Dominique Baker, Lily Dooks, Eline Peres, Ellena Vickers, Oliver Webster, Charlotte Whittle, Michal Wilk, Iliana Pantelidou, Sibyl Scharling, Isobel Bassett, Julia Kayser, Mariko Sero, Krystal Campbell, Nora Jenker, Elisa Ingrassia, Young Dong Kim, Chelsey Celecia.

I am indebted to Flora Barros for her unending creative support; to the performers for their commitment and patient forbearance to process; and, to Roman Baca and Yurika Yamagata for their invaluable help. I am also indebted to our excellent production staff.

Tour Dates

Thursday 1st November – Nescot College – 3.45pm

Friday 2nd November – North Kent College – 2.30pm

Thursday 8th November – William Morris Sixth Form – 3.30pm

Friday 9th November – East 15 Acting School – 7.00pm

Thursday 15th November – Lewisham Southwark College – 2.45pm

Friday 16th November – University of Chichester – 6.30pm

Friday 23rd November – Millennium Performing Arts – 2.30pm

Thursday 29th November – Woolwich Performing Arts Academy (LSEC) – 1.30pm

Friday 30th November – New College – 3.00pm

Friday 30th November – Ormiston Sudbury Academy – 2.00pm

Thursday 6th December – London Contemporary Dance School – 3.30pm

Friday 7th December – Royal Academy of Dance – 2.30pm