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Here’s some information that may be useful before you arrive in September:


Please read the checklist carefully to make sure you are fully prepared for September.

If you are a late applicant, don’t worry – you will still have time to prepare.

For assistance, please email us.

Student Group When Action
All Students April Join the Trinity Laban Student Union Fresher’s 2024 Facebook Page and begin meeting your fellow students! This page is managed by the SU. If you have specific queries about your studies, please email
All Students May Research accommodation options
All Students Investigate financial support options including Student Finance application information (now open for UK full-time undergraduate loans).  Please see this link for postgraduate Student Finance codes. US students should consider whether they are taking out US Federal Loans to fund their studies (subject to eligibility).  Please note that we are currently unable to process veteran loan funding.
International Students June Read this link and consider your application for a Student visa
Music Students Before Summer Term Complete the Principal Study teacher survey, if you have a principal study teacher in mind
All Students Before enrolment (Sep) Complete our support questionnaire

Complete online enrolment

MMus Students Before enrolment (Sep) Complete PG Electives Survey  – see MMus Elective Handbook for further details (coming soon)
All Students Before enrolment (Sep) Make your tuition fee payment (using the invoice sent in August)
Musical Theatre students Before enrolment (Sep) Check the Musical Theatre kit list
Dance students (Undergraduate) Before enrolment (Sep) Check the Dance kit list
International Students Before enrolment (Sep) You will not be able to open an online bank account until you are enrolled with us, so please make sure to tell your bank you will be studying in the UK, check withdrawal fees, ask how to transfer money and organise online banking.
All Students Before enrolment (Sep) Get health insurance – this is vital for international students on programmes that are shorter than six months, and optional for all other students.
All Students Before enrolment (Sep) Plan your budget
All Students Before enrolment (Sep) Get a meningitis vaccine (if you have not already had one) new university students are at high risk of infection as you are likely to mix with lots of new people.
All Students Before enrolment (Sep) Complete the online registration process, which we will email you about from mid-August. You will receive information regarding your new Trinity Laban IT account in due time. You will be invited to complete online enrolment and upload a photo for your resource card, which you can collect in person upon arrival. Once you have your IT account, you can access Moodle (your virtual online learning environment) and your timetable. You can also log into the student portal to view your invoice.
All Students Before enrolment (Sep) Send evidence of you qualifications (incl. English language qualification (IELTS) for students who do not speak English as a first language) AND proof of identity (Passport)

Induction dates

Induction will run from Monday 9 September to Friday 13 September 2024. Further information can be found on the Registration and Induction page.

You will receive further information about the induction programme via email. If not, please email admissions.

Exam results

If you have a conditional offer based on exam results but they have been affected by coronavirus, do not worry.  We are in communication with UCAS and the examination boards and will contact you if necessary.

English Language

If you have been impacted by the closure of language test centres, do not worry.  We anticipate that there will be alternative solutions available and are working closely with the sector to identify these.  This may take some time to achieve, and we will be flexible with deadlines for this.  If you have particular concerns about your situation, please do email admissions.

Please visit the government website for details of English Language Test (SELT) providers and locations.

Guidance for International Students

You might wish to look at the UKCISA website for up-to-date information relating to studying in the UK.

Health insurance

If you need medical treatment, you may be able to apply for financial help with NHS costs on the low income scheme.

We advise that you have a health insurance plan, so that you can receive the necessary treatment without financial worry if you get injured.

Dance and Musical Theatre students that take out a health cash plan with BHSF, you can apply for the BHSF Dancer Benevolent Fund in the event of injury.

Music students should read about the Emerging Musicians Health Scheme.

International students

If your programme is shorter than six months, you do not qualify for free treatment from the National Health Service (NHS) so we advise that you take out health/medical insurance.

If your programme is longer than six months, you are eligible for free health treatment. However, you will need to pay an immigration health charge of as part of your visa application.

Some follow up emergency treatment may not be free, so you might want to take out health/medical insurance to cover you in the event that you need this.

Medical insurance would cover you for things such as:

  • Repatriation
  • Loss of fees if you are unable to complete your programme due to illness
  • Cost of returning home if you fall ill
  • Cost of a relative visiting if you fall ill

A good policy will also give you the option of private treatment for any illness or injury, such as physiotherapy for repetitive strain injury. NHS waiting lists can be long and you don’t want it to affect your career/studies. Most insurers will combine medical and travel insurance.

European Health Insurance Plan

If you’re a student from an EEA country or Switzerland, and began a course of study in England before 31 December 2020, you may continue to use your EHIC or PRC, if you have one, to access free NHS healthcare that becomes medically necessary during your visit, until the end of your course. If your course extends beyond 30 June 2021, you will need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

If you come to the UK to study from 1 January 2021, you’ll need to pay the immigration health surcharge as part of your student visa application if your course lasts for more than 6 months.

If you’re from an EU country, you may be entitled to a full or partial refund of your immigration health surcharge payment, if you’re a full-time student in higher education and have an EHIC issued by an EU country.

For more information please see the NHS website.


Complete the survey

ORNC Trinity Laban Chapel Choir

Please contact Ralph Allwood for details