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Trinity Laban Faculty of Dance

Kit and Equipment List (not applicable to postgraduate dance students)

The items in this list are essential for your studies at Trinity Laban. We recognise this is an investment for you but it is important to remember that these items will be used not only in your studies but also in your independent study and professional work in the future. Details of support for funding (if applicable) are at the end of the document.

In order for staff to be able to give detailed feedback on alignment during your training and to adhere to our safe practice principles and professional approach to training and performance needs, we request that you have the following items for practical sessions. Your technique lecturers will advise you on the type of training clothes most appropriate for each technique class:

Technique classes:

  • Close-fitting dance practice clothes (eg. leotard, tights, leggings, sports/yoga tops); any colour
  • Looser fitting tops and bottoms; any colour
  • Ballet shoes (for ballet classes only) and trainers (for Hip Hop classes only)
  • A yoga mat for conditioning/Pilates/yoga classes
  • Therabands (both light and medium)
  • Tracksuit (or similar) to wear over practice clothes in breaks/lectures (indoor layers/tracksuit can be kept in your locker for which keys will be given out in September)

Health and safety:

For all practical training and performances:

  • Long hair must be tied back
  • No jewellery may be worn
  • No nail extensions may be worn
  • We advise you to have your own supply of plasters and adhesive tape
  • Make sure you have required medication, including inhalers, with you at all times
  • You are strongly advised to have your own supply of hand sanitiser/disinfectant hand wipes
  • Bring multiple sustainable water bottles (they can be refilled onsite)
  • If still part of UK government guidelines, have a supply of face masks with you

Performance events:

For performance events, please provide the following underwear as appropriate for your physique, and make-up and hair styling products:

  • 2 x dancebelts: 1 x appropriate to your skin colour and 1 x black
  • Thongs appropriate to your skin colour
  • Binders appropriate to your skin colour
  • 2 x full cup, “seam free” bras: 1 x appropriate to your skin colour and 1 x black
  • Thin, seam free stretch shorts
  • Make-up and hair styling products (hair fastenings and elastics, if used, need to match your hair colour; no shiny clips should be used)

Please note that further advice on the above items can be sought from the Costume Department before you are due to take part in performances. Do feel free to approach Costume Department staff with any queries at the beginning of the academic year

In addition, please ensure you have the following items:


  • 1 x A4 hard backed sketch book with good quality paper
  • A5/A4 notebooks (we suggest at least 4 but you want one for each module and/or component)

Laptop and headphones:

  • Please bring your own laptop and headphones. This is essential for your studies including blended learning activities in your programme, independent study activities and saving documents including your own work, and accessing emails, Moodle, and the TL intranet on a regular basis.

Equal opportunities for students

We are committed to equal opportunities for all our students. If you are unable to fund some/all of the required items in this list, an alternative option includes applying for a student hardship fund from TL Student Services. If you feel this is appropriate for you please contact Student Services


This has been compiled by faculty staff and in response to student feedback. If you have any queries please contact the Dean: Frances Clarke