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My London is a two-year project with young people.

We are exploring how dance can enable young people to take part in social action. There are lots of opportunities for young people to get involved.

My London: Dance and Social Action

Dance and Social Action 

Trinity Laban are exploring how dance can enable young people to engage with social action. 

Together we have looked at different ways that dance can address social issues and call for change.  We’re reaching beyond traditional approaches to campaigning, considering what role dance can play and how it has the power to effect change for both audiences and participants. 

So far this has included investigating how Choreography that confronts a social issue can communicate to audiences in deep visceral ways.  Dancers worked with Choreographer Joseph Toonga to understand his approach to creating professional dance work Born to Protest, which challenges racial stigma through dance that celebrates Black joy and shares the trauma of racism.  Young dancers’ experiences of Joseph’s approach informed their ideas about working with dance in this way. 

Young people sought to communicate their concerns with gender stereotypes through the creation of new dance performance and film.  This was informed by their work with Choreographer Sarah Blanc and her performance piece Punk Alley, which seeks to communicate that no matter how loud or soft their voice is – what you have to say is important.  

Young dancers have created Dance for Film.  Normality uses dance and spoken word to ask audiences to question their acceptance of the status quo and bring change to the world around them. 

To reach participants, as well as audiences, young dancers have designed and created a workshop for their peers to experience their learning and approaches to working with dance to call for action on the issues that matter to them.  These practical insights seek to galvanise more young people to engage with dance as a vehicle for social change. Young People led the workshop at a My London Super Summit and a Youth Dance Day at Trinity Laban. 

Our latest film documents our learning across the My London project.  The film was screened at City Hall in February 2024. 

“Dance can be a powerful vehicle for expressing and enacting change.”

-My London Participant


“Dance evokes expression in those who are watching and can create a shift in us.”

– My London Participant


“Young people learn and express in different ways. Dance facilitates a space for young people to feel comfortable in expressing themselves.”

– My London Participant


”Drive for change can be more impactful through creative forms of expression, such as dance.”

– My London Participant

Watch a film of a recent My London project

To learn more about My London project visit:


Normality - a My London project


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