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19-21 June 2023

Douglas Finch, Artistic Director

Howard Felton, Project Manager

Roxanna Albayati, Improvisation Tutor

Mahsa Salali, Curator for What Remains is Voice

Peter Tuite, Festival Co-creator

Mon 19 June

The Music Films of Tony Palmer

Carne Room


Douglas Finch talks with Tony Palmer about his remarkable life and work as film, stage and opera director, with clips from some of his films

A rare chance to meet one of the UK’s most renowned directors whose work includes numerous biographical and documentary films about musicians, featuring The Beatles, Cream, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Maria Callas, Igor Stravinsky, Dmitri Shostakovich, Richard Wagner, Benjamin Britten and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

No Taking Pictures!

Mackerras Room


Student composers, pianists and other musicians collaborate, presenting varied and exciting new work

Pieces include, No Taking Pictures at the Exhibition! by Jacob Fitzgerald, Clam by Emily Linane, El Medio Borracho by Ashley Solano Hernández and new pieces composed for TL’s John Halford Competition for Piano and Composition.

Celebrating Gwyn Pritchard and Stephen Montague

Peacock Room


A Birthday double-bill celebrating TL’s distinguished professors of composition: Gwyn Pritchard at 75 and Stephen Montague at 80.

Trinity Laban students, faculty and alumni will perform, featuring two major piano works: Pritchard’s Raum grieft aus (‘Space is pouring out’) and Montague’s After Ives.  Performers include Roxanna Shini Mehrabzadeh, Mikaela Livadiotis, Lewis Kingsley Peart, Ian Pace, Amit Grewal, and Aleksander Szram.


Tue 20 June


Peacock Room


Performed and curated by Carolina Cury

The Cosmicomic Suite is a new work for piano, electronics, voice and lights for solo performer, made of six movements, each one composed by a different emerging artist. The suite is based on Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, a collection of stories that make up a speculative history of the Universe, narrated through the voice of the polymorphous being QwfwQ. Pieces by Giovanni Dinello, Jan Stevuliak, Carolina Cury, Nina Baietta, Milda Vitartaite and Konstantinos Damianakis.


Mackerras Room


Reflections on isolation, nostalgia and transformation

Piano pieces performed by Mikhail Shilyaev, Ronojit Bhuyan and Pietro Iacopini, including Timur Ismagilov Solitude, Dmitry Shostakovich Aphorisms, Deirdre Gribbin Unseen, Giacinto Scelsi Four illustrations on the metamorphosis of Vishnu and the premiere of Mikhail Shilyaev’s Prophet als Vogel.


تنها صداست که می‌ماند

What Remains is Voice

Peacock Room and other spaces


An evening exploring roots and culture of Iranian music, through traditional and contemporary practice.

Curated by pianist and multimedia artist Mahsa Salali and featuring graduate researcher and cellist Roxanna Albayati, MMus pianist Roxanna Shini Mehrabzadeh, musicians and dancers from Trinity Laban and distinguished guest Iranian artists.

Concert 1:Dastgāh

Traditional Persian Music

Talk by Soosan Lolavar “Introduction on Dastgāh Music.” Followed by improvisation by Iranian artists on traditional Persian instruments. Including renowned Persian duo Malahat (voice) and Faraz (Kamancheh)

Concert 2: Defiance

Contemporary Iranian Composers

Works by distinguished Iranian composers Soosan Lolavar, Atefeh Einali, Niloufar Nourbakhsh, Amir Konjani. The evening includes the premiere of Amir Konjani’s Trumpet Concertante no. 2 with alum trumpeter Adam Hebditch and a new adaptation of Soosan Lolavar’s piece Inventory on My Life for piano and dance. 

Concert 3: Zanān Collective

Experimental Live Music

ZANĀN is an experimental music and performance art collective, focusing on the sense of belonging and expression of artistic identity among diaspora cultures. ZANĀN زنان is Farsi for women/feminine. In this evening they perform their new work صداها (Voices); choreographed and directed by Mahsa Salali, co-curated by Roxanna Albayati. Including guest Iranian dancer Maria Tarokh.


Wed 21 June

Out of the Bath, And into the Oven

Peacock Room


Piano music of Allan Moore

Plus pieces by Gabriele Baldocci and Douglas Finch, with homages to Beethoven. Performed by Gabriele Baldocci, Xinyu Liu, Stefan Weidner and Douglas Finch.

Multi-talented composer and musicologist Allan Moore has produced a veritable explosion of over 100 piano and chamber works since a visionary re-awakening in October 2019.  Filled with humour, surprise and multi-stylistic references, all of his pieces on this programme are receiving their premieres. The Memorial Ballad of Jerry Cornelius and Out of the Bath, and into the Oven make startling forays into Chopinesque and Beethovenian landscapes and are preceded by homages to Beethoven by Gabriele Baldocci and Douglas Finch.

Allan Moore    Down in Carterhaugh woods, wondering

Xinyu Liu, piano  (c.5′)

Allan Moore   The Memorial Ballad of Jerry Cornelius

Douglas Finch, piano (c.8′)

Allan Moore   House of Respair 1

Gabriele Baldocci, piano (c.5-6′)

Gabriele Baldocci     Bagatelle in G  (c.2′)

Douglas Finch        The Fall   (c.8′)

Gabriele Baldocci, piano

Allan Moore    Out of the Bath, and into the Oven (Leaps and Flows 26)

Stefan Weidner, piano  (c.7-8′)


Reinventing Rag

Mackerras Room


Music of Elena Kats-Chernin and William Bolcom

Performed by Isaac Tobenna Onyirioha and Lucas Saraiva Cunha.

Elena Kats-Chernin   Book of Rags

Improvised Prelude by Isaac Tobenna Onyirioha, piano

Alexander’s Rag  (1998)

Peggie’s Rag  (1996)

Russian Rag  (1995) 

William Bolcom     The Garden of Eden – Four Rags for Piano (1969)

Improvised Prelude by Lucas Saraiva Cunha, piano

1) Old Adam

2) The Eternal Feminine

3) The Serpent’s Kiss

4) Through Eden’s Gate


Dreams and Variations

Peacock Room and other spaces in King Charles Court


An evening of multidisciplinary improvisation emerging from musical ideas, conceptual themes and streams of consciousness.

These explorative musical performances will flow from audience input, poetry, clowning, dancing and audiovisuals. Featuring Trinity Laban students, faculty, alumni and guests.

New Lights 2023


19-21 June 2023