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Alumni perform sell-out sensory concert in NYC

Thu 8 December 2016

Immersive performance group BitterSuite’s performance, Debussy’s String Quartet: A Sensorial Concert, has sold out in New York City.

BitterSuite successfully raised more than £28,000 on their latest Kickstarter campaign, allowing them to realise their NYC debut at The Brooklyn Academy of Music on 9th December 2016.

The concert is an immersive classical music experience that harnesses the power of all five senses to enhance Debussy’s String Quartet. 2015 graduate Linzy Na Nakorn is the creative producer in the UK, with fellow graduate Gina Ricker as the US producer. Laura Ganotis is on the communications team, with countless dance alumni performing within the company.

‘BitterSuite symphonies allow you to remain powerfully in the moment… This is a concert where you don’t just listen to the music, you taste it, smell it and feel it as well.’

— Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

BitterSuite concerts are immersive sensorial experiences. Audience members are blindfolded and guided through the experience in the reassuring hands of BitterSuite dancers, who move around, spray smells and feed tastes, all alongside a live ensemble.

To find out more about BitterSuite, visit their website.

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