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Autumn 2018 at the Laban Theatre

Fri 31 August 2018

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance is pleased to announce its autumn programme of dance performance at the Laban Theatre, Deptford – with a season focus on ground-breaking female choreographers.

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Bad Faith – Tara D’Arquian

Friday 28 September 7.30pm

Choreographer Tara D’Arquian collaborates with poet Jemima Foxtrot and designer Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson to depict a story of self-deception. 20 years after disappearing, we find Nora in a place of nothingness. Wandering through a parallel world, she encounters uncanny manifestations of her inner darkness. There’s no way out, other than to embrace these creatures as extensions of her own self. Will Nora dare look reality square in the face again?


This Really Is Too Much – Gracefool Collective

Tuesday 9 October 7.30pm

Gracefool combine dancing with dark comedy to delve into a world of farcical stereotypes and preposterous power struggles, wrestling with gender, identity and social convention. Raucous, provocative and laugh-out-loud funny, this genre-busting performance reveals the downright absurd realities of life as a 3D, high-def, water-drinking, salad-eating, WO-man in modern society. Slickly choreographed and dripping with feminist charm and anarchic wit, This Really Is Too Much is an outlandish and wildly entertaining medley of absurd political speeches, talent contests and box ticking.


Tomorrow’s Stars Today – BA3 Commissioned Works

Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October 7.30pm

Brought to life by renowned choreographers including Gary Lambert, Zoi Dimitriou and Struan Leslie, third-year Trinity Laban students get the chance to delve deep into their creativity. This annual performance is guaranteed to be an experimental show, providing a great opportunity to catch future dance stars at the start of their careers.


To Be Me – Julie Cunningham and Company

Friday 9 November 7.30pm

Set to the poetry of spoken word artist Kate Tempest, To Be Me explores the themes of gender, identity and the changing body. Based on the Greek myth of Tiresias – the blind prophet, born a man and transformed into a woman by the Gods – Tempest’s verse accompanies an uncompromising choreographic work exemplifying the extraordinary technical ability of Cunningham and her dancers. In a new solo, Cunningham searches for a new kind of desired and desiring female body. Drawing on Monique Wittig’s radical 1973 novel The Lesbian Body, Cunningham works to “recite one’s own body, to recite the body of the other” entirely outside the masculine gaze.


What this is, is… – Marina Collard

Wednesday 14 November 6.30pm and 8pm  

A cube occupies centre stage, absorbing a range of curated elements and providing a space for individual disciplines to sit and jostle beside each other. Two performers navigate the four sides, made from latex rubber, screens which oscillate between solidity and liquidity of surface, transparency and luminosity, structure and image. What this is, is… is an installation and performance lasting 45 minutes with the cast and audience on stage throughout. Choreographed by Marina Collard and performed by Tina Krasevec and Rahel Vonmoos, the piece immerses the audience in a space of movement and sound.


(Image credit – Stephen Wright – Julie Cunningham and Company, To Be Me)