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Black Lives Matter at Trinity Laban

Wed 19 May 2021

We are pleased to publish Black Lives Matter at Trinity Laban, our action plan outlining the routes – completed, ongoing and planned – we are taking to address the inequalities faced by Black staff and students in our community.

Principal Professor Anthony Bowne comments –

“At Trinity Laban, we aim to be progressive, socially engaged, ethical and inclusive. It is our responsibility, as an institution and as a collective of individuals, to live up to these values. The actions within this document demonstrate the commitment, passion and thought at work within Trinity Laban to achieve this.

“I am encouraged by the progress we have made over the past twelve months to diminish the racial inequalities faced within our community. There is still significant work to do.”

The action plan has been compiled by Trinity Laban’s Black Lives Matter Working Group, which is comprised of accountable officers in key areas and Black student and staff advisors. The Working Group is accountable to Trinity Laban’s Equality & Diversity Board, who will monitor progress against these actions.

If you have feedback or comments to make on this action plan, please contact the BLM Working Group secretary Claire Carter.