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Dancing in Denmark

Thu 9 July 2015

This week, students from Trinity Laban’s Centre for Advanced Training in Dance (CAT) are in Copenhagen, presenting a new work as part of the young people’s performance platform at the 13th World Congress, Dance and the Child International (daCi). 

The 20 students are performing a piece commissioned from Lee Smikle which takes a personal look at what makes us us. Layering material created using their own unique fingerprints as stimuli, the dancers explore and share their identities through movement.

The talented young performers are also taking part in classes and creative sessions with over 365 other participants from 32 countries. Elsewhere in the conference, Trinity Laban staff members Veronica Jobbins (Head of Learning and Participation, Dance) and Emma Redding (Head of Dance Science) are presenting papers as part of the Professional Forum.

Trinity Laban’s Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) offers young people with exceptional talent and potential in dance the opportunity to access high quality training. The challenging and supportive programme of classes provides intensive and rigorous dance training taught by a highly experienced team of professional teachers and artists. It aims to actively seek out and identify talented and motivated young people who have the potential for a career in dance and to guide them as they make decisions regarding their furture training and higher education.