Interactive digital dance project by Trinity Laban alumni

Alumnus and choreographer of Pell Ensemble Rebecca Evans is embarking on an ambitious and exciting project using a mobile phone app in live contemporary dance performance. Produced by Step Out Arts.

The work, titled David, is a mobile app led performance for intimate theatre and gallery spaces, performed by Trinity Laban alumni David Ogle and Stefania Pinato.

Rebecca said:

“David and Stefania are both incredibly creative. What’s really wonderful about them is they really understand what it is to be in a collaborative environment.”

Through the custom built app, audience members can make choices that affect the outcome of each scene and ultimately how David ends.  Through the app the audience's data gets turned into on stage projections that communicate their emotions, wants and needs to David.

Rebecca added:

“The inspiration behind David was data - how we’re using data and how we’re moving towards an uncertain future. We’re caught up in this huge technological wave and we don’t know where it’s going to land, but we keep feeding it, and I’m interested in examining that.”

To read the full interview with Rebecca Evans visit the Trinity Laban blog.

For more information on David visit the Pell Ensemble website.  

Image: Mira Loew