Laban Event International Conference 2017


Organised by alumnus Nunzia Tirelli, the annual Laban Event International Conference will take place between 18-20 August in Monte Verita, Switzerland - the site of Rudolf Laban’s early training ground.

This year, there will be celebrations to mark the 100 year anniversary of Laban’s performance of Song to the Sun, which took place at sunset and finished at sunrise.

Trinity Laban tutor and Artistic Director of Summit Dance Theatre, Alison Curtis-Jones has been commissioned to create a piece to be performed on this same date. To mark this significant moment in time, Ali will not be re-creating or re-imagining the original work; instead using this moment in time to work collaboratively with conference participants and musicians to acknowledge what is happening today.

She commented –

“…with world events as they are, I will be creating a Dance for Peace. It will be an outdoor, site sensitive piece, created using choreological principles and performed on the mountain as the sun sets. The work will be accompanied with live music by James Keane and Oli Newman. I have the exact time of sunset on that day and the final part of my piece will be performed on the hotel roof as the sun has stunning views right across Lake Maggiore. It will mark the past in the present and look to the future”

Two other performances will take place to mark the 100 year anniversary, one just before midnight and another as the sun rises.

In addition to this, Trinity Laban students will perform Ali Curtis-Jones’s re-imagined Laban work Drumstick, which was first performed as part of Trinity Laban’s Historical Project 2017. Dance critic Graham Watts described the work as “...enigmatic, explosive…a stunning powerful work that deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.”

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Image: Drumstick (credit - James Keates)