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Robert Clark and Rachael Young are the latest artists to benefit from commissioning programme

Tue 14 November 2017

The Greenwich Dance & Trinity Laban Partnership has announced that it will support two dance artists – Robert Clark and Rachael Young – in the latest round of their Compass Commissions programme.

Out of more than 75 proposals, Robert and Rachael will receive commissions, enabling them to benefit from a suite of support and resources designed to help them create innovative new dance work.

Robert Clark’s work MASS is a performance event based on the concepts of ritual and belief. Informed by research into ritualised behaviour, this immersive work explores the connections between our senses, perception, understanding of reality, and our relationship with belief – both as individuals and as a society.

On hearing the news of the commission, Robert said: “Receiving this Compass Commission is an exciting moment for both my own artistic growth and the development of MASS. It’s an award that truly aims to facilitate the work I have dreamt of making for the past few years, and gives it the seed from which to grow. Partnering with Greenwich Dance and Trinity Laban to realise my ambitions for this work feels right, and I believe that their identities and core values as organisations will feed the work as it grows.”

Rachael Young’s piece NIGHTCLUBBING is an interdisciplinary performance, which harnesses the visceral power of live music to explore Afrofuturism and intersectional feminism.

On receiving the commission, Rachael commented: “Being awarded this commission represents a big turning point for me. It will massively support my ambition to further explore and expand the use of movement in my practice, and it feels great to know that I’ll have the time, space and support to do that. The commission means that we can work with the creative team in a way that we want and realise the potential of this ambitious project, with the help of the vast experience and knowledge that Greenwich Dance and Trinity Laban have to offer.”

Compass Commissions is The Greenwich Dance & Trinity Laban Partnership’s flagship commissioning scheme supporting selected UK-based artists throughout the process of creation. This is the fifth year that the Partnership has been able to support new works through this commissioning programme. Each commissioned artist receives a package of support, including a £4000 commission fee, rehearsal facilities at Greenwich Dance and Trinity Laban, production development support and performance opportunities.

Brian Brady, Head of Laban Theatre Programme at Trinity Laban and Compass Commissions panel member – commented: “I’m delighted that Trinity Laban can be a part of these commissions, with two wonderful, very different artists; both of whom will, through performance, explore and celebrate our shared humanity in their distinctive ways.”

Kat Bridge – Artistic Director of Greenwich Dance and Compass Commissions panel member – continued: “Meeting Robert and Rachael was invigorating, and at Greenwich Dance we are particularly interested in how both of their ideas seek to engage and to explore with audiences rather than present at them. We’re committed to ensuring that our approach and support will enable these artists to create the very best versions of these projects.”

These latest works will be the fourteenth and fifteenth commissioned by the Partnership. Previous artists that have been (or are being) supported through Compass Commissions include Nick Bryson and Robin Dingemans, Julie Cunningham, Tara D’Arquian, Laura Dannequin and Stephanie McMann, Dan Daw, Sarah Dowling and Kath Duggan, Mimbre, Wendy Houstoun, Tom Roden and Anna Williams, Botis Seva, Stephanie Schober, Charlotte Spencer and Rahel Vonmoos.

MASS by Robert Clark will receive its world premiere at Greenwich Dance in March 2018. The premiere date of NIGHTCLUBBING by Rachael Young will be announced in 2018.

Image: Botis Seva’s Woman of Sun (Chris Nash)