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Trinity Laban alumnus brings kathak to Southbank Centre

Thu 19 May 2016

Trinity Laban graduate Sanjukta Wagh performs in a kathak double bill at London’s Southbank Centre on 31 May 2016.

Sanjukta, who gained a Diploma in Dance Studies at Trinity Laban in 2010, is now based in her home country of India. Her solo, Rage and Beyond: Irawati’s Gandhari, features spoken and sung text and acoustic guitar, as well as kathak dance. The piece, which has previously won awards in India and has toured to New York, tells the ancient Indian story of Gandhari, the blindfolded queen.

Sanjukta has spoken about how her time at Trinity Laban has influenced her work:

“I came to Trinity Laban to rediscover my dancing body, by putting myself and my body in a challenging and completely unfamiliar place. It was my first attempt at learning contemporary technique and discovering the dance culture of London.

“It was an incredible experience to go on this journey with a diverse student body from around the world. Subjects like anatomy and choreology were storehouses of immense knowledge.

“I came back to India bursting with ideas for further research. My teaching methodology changed, and my approach to my form, kathak, was renewed in whole new ways.”

Rage and Beyond: Irawati’s Gandhari is performed in a double bill alongside Kin by Sanjukta Sinha. For more information, please visit the Southbank Centre website.

Sanjukta was granted a Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship to study at Trinity Laban. Find out more on the British Council website.

Banner image: Priti Gupta; thumbnail image: Gautame Kirtane