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Jonathan Ainsworth

Musical Theatre

Jonathan Ainsworth headshot

Student details

Full name: Jonathan Ainsworth
Height: 6ft
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Nationality: White British


Accents: RP, Cockney, Bristolian, Somerset, Welsh, General American, New York American, Southern American (Georgia).
Vocal range:  Tenor A2, C5 (Contemporary) A2, Bf4 (Legit)
Playing age: 16 – 22
Dance: Jazz*, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary and Street.
Other skills:  Opera, Street performing, weightlifting, long distance and sprint running, football.

Other information

Spotlight Pin:

Credits during training

Part: Modern Major General
Production: The Pirates Of Penzance
Director: Wayne Beecham
Choreographer: Nat Slater
MD: Wayne Beecham

Part: Horton The Elephant
Production: Seussical
Director: Peter Cottell
Choreographer: Donna Joanne
MD: Peter Cottell

Part: Billy Bigelow
Production: Carousel
Director: Zeph Gould
Choreographer: Zeph Gould
MD: Zeph Gould

Part: Seymour
Production: Little Shop Of Horrors
Director: Peter Cottell
Choreographer: Holly Smith
MD: Ashleigh Powell

Part: Drake
Production: Honk!
Director: Ahmat Ahmat
Choreographer: Asha Jenkings

Part: Snoopy
Production: Snoopy!
Director: Omar F Okai
Choreographer: Omar F Okai
MD: Verity Quade