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Dance, Create, Activate a Happy, Healthier You! 

Trinity Laban runs fun and engaging programmes focusing on health and wellbeing through dance activity.

This programme is for 7-13 year olds and takes place in selected half term and holiday periods.

This fun dance programme offers a supportive and encouraging environment where young people can:

  • Learn different dance styles
  • Learn about healthy ways to fuel your body
  • Watch professional dance performance
  • Create dances to show to family and friends

This dance programme is aimed at young people in Lewisham who do not access dance or physical activity and/or are above a healthy weight. No dance experience is required to be part of this programme.  

How do I qualify for a place on PULSE?

You can be referred from a GP or school nurse or teacher or you can self-refer if you think this programme is for you. If you are unsure if you are above a healthy weight you might find the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator useful.  Alternatively please contact Louisa for further support.

For more information contact Louisa on 020 8305 9364 or email