Current students' research topics:


Lucie Clements Creativity in contemporary dance education: An investigation of standardised psychological assessments and proposed validation of a dance specific measure
Will Dutta Artist-Curator: A critical reconsideration of the production, exhibition, interpretation and dissemination of non-classical music
Hollie Harding Re-imagining the performance space. Exploring the arena, ensemble and gestural spaces of music in composition
Gemma Harman A Qualitative Study Investigating Professional Dancers' and Musicians' Experience and Understanding of Performance
Jun Ishimura New interpretation of Chopin's piano music using the comparison between modern and historical instruments and the performance of the three Piano Sonata
Eleni Koukoli Exercise Les Noces: Practices of appropriation and the translative body
Yuki Negishi Chopin in context: a critical comparison and re-evaluation of the works of his influential predecessors
Quynthran (Quincy) Pham History of evolution: compositional practice for keyboard dance suites
Fei Ren On Das Jahr, and the significance of Fanny Hensel in the 19th Century Romantic repertoire 
Ailie Robertson Microinterval modality for the harp: a compositional approach
Barak Schmool The theory of hierarchical rhythmic organisation in 'African' traditional music
Christina Siomos The Athletic Viruoso: a biomechanical analysis of the skilled instrumentalist and its relation to the development of playing-related injury
Park Stickney A new approach to Jazz Harp? Scales and Chords and Harps and Pedals
Alexander Walker On creating a performance tradition
Hagit Yakira Choreographing autobiographies as relational life-storytelling


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