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Recent publications by Trinity Laban staff include:

Wakeling, K. & Clark, J.O. ‘Beyond health and well-being: transformation, memory and the virtual in older people’s music and dance’, International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, 2015. Advance access doi: 10.3384/ijal.1652-8670.11153.

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Clark, J.O. ‘The Voice and Early Modern Historiography: Reading Johannes Kepler’s Harmony of the World’, The Opera Quarterly, 29:3-4, 2013. First Published Online, Feb. 3, 2014.

Clark, J.O. ‘Aesthetic Experience, Subjective Historical Experience and the Problem of Constructivism’, Journal for the Philosophy of History, 7:1, 2013.

Clark, J.O. ‘Dance and Intrinsic Significance: A Phenomenological Approach’, in eds. Jenny Bunker, Anna Pakes and Bonnie Rowell, Thinking Through Dance: The Philosophy of Dance Performance and Practices (Dance Books, 2013).

Clark, J.O. ‘Dance and Subtraction: Notes on Alain Badiou’s Inaesthetics’, Dance Research Journal, 43:2, 2011.

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