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This pathway is aimed at saxophone and clarinet players who are interested in working in musical theatre as a member of the orchestra/pit band, or as an instrumentalist providing incidental music for plays.


The Single Reed Theatre Doubling Pathway will train students to achieve versatility and expertise as multi-instrumentalists to a level appropriate for the professional setting of the theatre orchestra. The MMus programme can be taken on a full-time basis for two years or a part-time basis over four years


  • The principal study pathway involves further study on your two main instruments and very intensive study on the weaker third instrument. The balance of study will be tailored to each student. There is a strong focus on genres of music important to this line of work including improvising, phrasing, studio and commercial music
  • There will be regular doubling ensemble classes as well as chamber music and weekly faculty classes on the individual instruments. There are opportunities for show work within the Faculty of Music and the chance to work with professional musical directors
  • There are options to develop teaching skills on all three instruments. Students are encouraged to take the Instrumental and Vocal Teaching elective as a way of considering in depth any issues of changing from instrument to instrument during performance


Our mentoring scheme enables students to contact musicians currently performing in West End shows and will give the opportunity to observe these professional players at work. The musicians will visit the Faculty of Music to take classes.

What Do I Need To Apply?

  • Applicants should be of postgraduate level on two instruments (normally clarinet and saxophone) and normally be able to play the flute.
  • Find out more details about the Entrance Audition Requirements for this programme