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Lucie Clements

Dance Scientist


MSc Dance Science - 2014-15
- 2015-19
Lucie Clements


Hello, my name’s Lucie Clements and I’m studying for a PhD in Dance Science.

It’s very hard to describe my average week because it’s very different every week. I’m expected to be here on a full-time basis – 9 to 5 - and I have a variety of things that I have to work on; so I divide my time between working on my own PhD that I’m writing and also working as a research assistant with a large project which I’m helping with. Some weeks I’ll be doing lots of data collection or even planning for that data collection; putting together the questionnaires, doing the admin side; some weeks I’ll be in the studio with undergraduate dancers, working with doing the data collection; collecting the psychological measures from them; dancing with them in the studio; and then I suppose other days in the week I might be on my own writing my PhD, researching and developing my own research question.

I think the key thing for me being a dance scientist working here at Trinity Laban is the access we have to dancers. Although I could probably could have pursued a similar line of research – the psychology line of research - in a larger institution, in a university within a psychology department, it would have been really hard for me to actually get my hands on dancers, and even to be in the environment where there’s a lot of dancers. Just walking around when I come in to the building in the morning when there’s dancers walking around everywhere gives a lot of meaning to my research and it’s embedded in a real context, which is really great for me.

My experience of Trinity Laban, I’d say, has been a really fantastic one. It makes me feel very valued, and very validated in what I want to do with myself. When I was in a larger university setting with lots of people on my course, and I developed this real desire to go and study dance science and dance psychology, it was sort of a dream. But now the reality is that I’m here and I’m doing it; it makes me believe that there’s a purpose to what I wanted to do: there’s going to be a real career out there for me - which maybe won’t be easy, it’s still quite a new field - but I have a lot of ambition and enthusiasm. I think the reality is that I really will be able to pursue those dreams I want, because of the research I’m doing at Trinity Laban.

Lucie Clements - Student Testimonial