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As a student studying music or dance, you have developed a broad range of skills, many of which may not be obvious to a future employer.

When applying for jobs it is important to be able to recognise the skills you have developed through your studies, as well as through other activities such as paid work, volunteering, sport and leadership roles.

The following list of skills can be described as transferable skills: skills you have developed through your studies that are necessary for future employment.

These skills may include:

  • Teamwork – working collaboratively with others
  • Communication skills – through performing to and engaging with audiences; interpersonal communication during rehearsals, through group work, and when giving presentations and taking part in seminar discussions; writing essays and dissertations; teaching and workshop leading
  • Self-management – having the self-discipline to reach the highest standards of performance through regular practice; meeting deadlines for coursework and creative outputs; combining academic study with external performances, part-time work, voluntary activities
  • Planning (project management / organisational skills) – Working on projects, multiple assignments, rehearsals, working towards a concert or performance, preparing for teaching practice; designing and delivering a workshop
  • Initiative – seeking out and creating opportunities for performance and profiling of your composition or choreographic work; securing a placement or community-based engagement
  • Critical reflection – reflecting on your practice to refine performance and other creative outputs; giving and receiving criticism; learning from your mistakes
  • General IT skills – using standard software packages, the internet and email

Other skills that employers may be looking for include:

  • problem solving
  • flexibility/adaptability
  • motivation
  • interpersonal skills

These are all skills that you will have developed through your studies at Trinity Laban, so give some thought to the contexts in which you have gained these skills.