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Information about routes into teaching in the classroom.

Training to Teach – an Overview

If you want to work as a classroom teacher in a maintained school (or non-maintained special school) in England, you will need Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).  Maintained schools are state-funded schools that are under the control of the local council.

The Department for Education provides support and advice about how to get into teaching, including information about:

  • what it’s like to be a teacher
  • routes into teaching
  • funding available
  • how to apply

There is also information about training to teach in different settings and with different age groups, including:

You can apply for teacher training via UCAS, or by using a new GOV.UK service called Apply for teacher training. Find out more about how to apply.

When considering your options for getting into teaching, it is important to be aware that private schools (also known as ‘independent schools’), as well as those state schools that are funded by central government, not by the local council (such as Free Schools and Academies) can employ teaching staff who they believe to be suitably qualified without the automatic requirement for them to have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

Vacancies for primary and secondary teaching jobs are advertised on TES and Eteach.

Types of Teacher Training

Graduates can choose between university and school-led teacher training options leading to qualified teacher status (QTS).

There are also a number of specialist training routes available depending on your subject, qualifications and previous experience.

Funding and Salary

There are options that enable you to earn a salary while you train, as well as options that require you to pay tuition fees.

If you choose a training option that requires you to pay tuition fees, you will have access to a tuition fee and maintenance loan and you could be eligible for a bursary or scholarship. You could also receive extra financial support if you are a parent, have an adult dependent or a disability.

Eligibility for a bursary or scholarship, and the amount you can expect to receive, will depend on the subject in which you are training to teach and your degree classification, or highest relevant academic qualification.

Find out more about funding available for teacher training.

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