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Claudia Zimmermann



The teaching here is really different to what we have in Germany…there is a much wider choice of classes, and it’s really interesting to have things like CoLab, for example.

Claudia Zimmermann

And I did everything, and it was quite complicated, but the people were really nice here in London so they extended the deadline for one more week for me so I had enough time to do all the recordings and all the paperwork. It was a little bit stressful when you have all those forms you have to fill in, and you don’t know what they expect you to write or not to write, but in the end it was pretty easy and really relaxed so it went really well for me!

When I came to Trinity Laban the first time, I knew that there were a couple of other Erasmus students from Europe so we set up a Facebook group and we met before the course started. We went to a café; an Italian girl, a French girl and a boy from Switzerland. It was really nice to just exchange experiences about how we got here and what our plans are.

The classes at Trinity Laban are really interesting to me because it’s really different from what I’m used to in Germany. Of course we have music history and harmony as well, but for me here there’s a much wider choice of classes I can choose, so it’s really interesting to have things like CoLab for example – we don’t have that in my school in Germany. It’s a really nice experience to collaborate with dancers; I’m really looking forward to it. And, for example, we have our String class with all the third year strings together in one class. We work on orchestral extracts; we work on how to practise scales; we work on how to do contemporary music; it’s really nice to not only have the people from your teacher together but all the people from your year that do the same instrument as you. I like that.

Claudia Zimmermann - Student Testimonial