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Corinne Meredith

Community Dance Artist


I have gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of dance from around the world since I began at Trinity Laban…

Corinne Meredith

My study at Trinity Laban has improved my dancing immensely. As a Community Dance student, Creative Dance plays a huge part in our learning, and the wide range of modules that we do as part of the course all help towards my development technically, but also towards my work as a Community Dance artist. The technique classes are a vital part of this learning and have really given me a strength and understanding that I definitely wouldn’t have gained had I not come to Trinity Laban.

As a part-time student on the Community Dance course, the emphasis is not on performance. However, there are still great opportunities to perform and have our work performed; the Devising and Performance module ensures that we all (one year programme students) get an opportunity to perform in the Laban Theatre, with full technical support, to a public audience. And the Choreography module gives a chance for us to perform in our peers’ work and create our own, with a chance, again, for a public performance at the end of the module. These two modules together form a perfect end to the year at Trinity Laban, and are a wonderful celebration of everyone’s hard work and commitment throughout the year. I’m so lucky that as a part-time student, I get to experience this twice! However, the performance highlight for me was at the end of my very first term, when we had a sharing in the Studio Theatre for each technique level. This was, I think, especially for us part-time students, a brilliant way to come together, share our work and support each other. It created a shared appreciation and respect between us that went on to develop into exciting collaborations and friendships.

Being surrounded by a diverse range of people means that the work we have access to becomes much broader. Where we take influences from and the way in which we work changes. This comes from the students who come from all over the world and also the teachers, who bring unique experiences with them that they are willing to share. I have gained a deeper knowledge and understanding of dance from around the world since I began at Trinity Laban because of the international environment. This will only prove beneficial to me as it gives me an idea of the range of opportunities on offer, not only in the UK but in the rest of the world. I have met people from other countries who I will stay in touch with and hopefully collaborate with in the future, and because of this my studies and my future prospects have been inspired and enhanced.

The range of arts venues and institutions in London is huge, and the work coming out of them is representative of the international community here. There are opportunities to be involved in anything and everything and see anything that you are interested in, however niche or absurd! This makes studying in London a really special and enriching experience. I’m not sure that there is another city like it.

The selection of modules that make up the Community Dance course means that it is brilliantly designed to cover all bases and each individual’s interests. There are so many opportunities to volunteer and work out in the community – both as part of the course and separate from it – that this ensures that you will leave the course with real-life experiences that are vital to starting a career post Trinity Laban.

I feel proud and privileged to be a part of this exciting place, and it certainly is where I need to be to study Community Dance.