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David Kam

Dance Artist


I’d sum up my time at Trinity Laban as: a celebration of my individuality whilst refining my technical artistry.

David Kam

I have utmost confidence that the standard of teaching in any conservatoire will be exceptional. However, what truly sets Trinity Laban apart, in my opinion, is the provision of world-class facilities alongside the excellent teaching. I feel encouraged to bring my studies a step further through independent self-study, whether in the form of physical exploration in studios or theoretical consolidation in the library.

My favourite performing experience whilst at Trinity Laban was for the recent graduation event at Laban Theatre. It was a milestone for Transitions 2015, being our first public performance and a testament to our hard work these past few months. Seeing fellow peers graduate on the same day was simply the icing on the cake. Also, working with Dr Valerie Preston-Dunlop in her movement choir project ‘In Memoriam’ was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my Trinity Laban experience. I found myself forming bonds with fellow dancers and musicians of all ages through this act of commemorating WW1 history and celebrating Rudolf Laban’s legacy.

Trinity Laban’s diverse and international environment is absolutely key to the richness of my experience here. I find the diversity of my peers, be it from their various training backgrounds to academic perspectives, to constantly challenge the conventions of my personal practice. Coming from a different discipline myself (architecture), I feel encouraged by the conservatoire to celebrate my individuality and engage in my studies proactively.

Greenwich is such a beautiful place to study in. Greenwich Dance Agency offers great classes for me to attend, should I crave for more dancing, not to mention several libraries and some of London’s best museums. My favourite pastime is definitely a stroll along the riverside, enjoying the exquisite scenery.

Juliet from Student Services has been particularly helpful when I was seeking advice for post-graduation plans. She has proactively sent me relevant information time to time ever since our first meeting, in addition to her weekly career bulletins, which I am sure all dancers and musicians are extremely grateful for. I have also enjoyed the range of treatments available at Laban Health, especially the Sports Massage treatment. Dulani has been a real lifesaver, once tending to my quad injury just a few days before my final audition for Transitions.

Staying at McMillan Student Village gave me the opportunity to almost literally roll out of bed straight to class! With classes starting as early as 8.30am, it leaves me no worries about transportation delays etc. Besides, the close distance gives me greater encouragement to make better use of the great facilities outside of training hours.

I’d sum up my time at Trinity Laban as: a celebration of my individuality whilst refining my technical artistry.