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Hannah Thomas



The great thing about the teaching at Trinity Laban is that the teachers are your colleagues as well as your lecturers: they guide you through things. My principal study teacher has been extremely supportive – she pushes me and she was exactly what I needed. I feel that my technique has developed 100 per cent.

Hannah Thomas

What I really like about the teaching at Trinity Laban is that the teachers are your colleagues as well as your lecturers. They guide you through things but you might end up working with them at some point, and with my principal study teacher she’s been extremely supportive. When I learn things that she brings to me, she pushes me. When I came here I didn’t have the best technique at all; I was really musical but I couldn’t show what I wanted to, and she was exactly what I needed.

My time at Trinity Laban has been the best experience of my life because of what it’s done for me; for my confidence, for my technique; for the colleagues that I’ve met who I will always be in contact with in London. The support I’ve had; every person I’ve met it’s been an important meeting and I’m truly grateful.

Hannah Thomas - Student Testimonial