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I see Trinity Laban as a conservatoire that helps you create your own mould, then fill it.

karl westwood

I see Trinity Laban as a conservatoire that helps you create your own mould, then fill it. As a pianist, it is sometimes expected to become a solo concert pianist. However, I’ve been able to tailor my degree so that I can work as a soloist, accompanist, conductor and teacher. I haven’t been forced into one career path, yet I have been pushed and challenged, which can only be a good thing!

CoLab is a fortnight of collaboration with friends and artists. A couple of years ago I was asked to compose and conduct music for a Greek dance piece. The process of rehearsing the piece was incredible, and the whole thing was topped off with an unforgettable performance at the Laban Theatre in front of our peers and tutors. I was proud of what we had accomplished, and proud of performing on such a renowned stage! There are many things you can learn from CoLab. I find that the best is learning to actually collaborate. It is a skill that is precious and invaluable for a performer. We’re going into an industry that is based around working with other people. We’d be at a huge disadvantage if we don’t learn how to work with others in a productive way!

Being at an institution such as Trinity Laban opens many doors. Since being here, I have totally lost count of how many students from so many different countries that I have met. I have formed strong bonds with international students, and find it fascinating and fun to work with them. Obviously, music is delivered in many different forms across the globe. Trinity Laban seems to be a hub where all of these ideas come together and create something unique!

There is nowhere else in the world like London. It has a huge, vibrant music scene complemented by the amazing live music venues across the city! For me, London is the music centre of the world, where all kinds of art meets, including the biggest names in classical music.

Moving to Greenwich was an easy transition for me. I lived in a small Welsh village, and Greenwich (even though it is in London) felt like a close-knit community with the confines of living in the capital. I loved living at McMillan! The social life was amazing and a welcome break from studying hard each day. There is always someone around to hang out with, but at the same time you have your own privacy in the bedroom and en suite. If you’re coming to Trinity Laban, I highly recommend living in halls!

The Trinity Laban Students’ Union is growing pretty quickly. Just in the past year, around five new societies were set up. I am the president of the TL Show Choir Society. This gives the chance for ANY student to sing – there’s no audition or cost for being in the choir. We’ve had many students through our doors and it is a great way to collaborate with others from other disciplines!