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Rachel Tack

Dance Artist


Our process so far working with three different world class choreographers has been one of growth. They challenge us to work in completely different ways, and have also broken down the barriers that I set up for myself. The process of actually sitting down and working with them...has made me think in new ways that I maybe wasn’t capable of before.

Rachel Tack

They have also broken down a lot of the barriers that I had already set up for myself of what it would be like to work with these choreographers; to have the process to sit down and work with them, and realise that it wasn’t what I initially thought, and that it was in fact something more that I wasn’t even capable of thinking of before.

One of the great things that I found about coming to Trinity Laban is that it opened up so many doors and so many perspectives. So many approaches, and I think that is one of the biggest perks of Trinity Laban; the international students and the international staff; this openness to diversity which just enhances the creativity here; and it was something that I think I was craving for in other places and have found so much of it here.

Rachel Tack - Student Testimonial