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Songhay Toldon

Dance Artist


One thing that struck me when I started here I was being told to 'be open to new things', and that's what I've told myself throughout my time here. Don't be judgemental about something you haven't done before, just be open to it and welcome it.

Songhay Toldon

I originally started with urban dance styles, mainly house, waacking and voguing, and I discovered contemporary dance mainly through my (now) wife, because she is also a contemporary dancer and she wanted to come to Britain to work as a dancer here. I thought, OK, but if we’re going to Britain I also want to be able to get up to your level! A friend of mine had graduated from here as a BA, and she told me about this place.

I really realised how my body movement quality changed over the course of just a year, roughly – it’s amazing. And also, I’m really interested in combining contemporary dance with urban dance, which is what I’m looking forward to doing in the future.

Songhay Toldon - Student Testimonial