For musicians and other performers, the Alexander Technique is an essential practical method for learning life-long skills that help fulfil your potential and practise more effectively. It can help relieve the effects of stress, deal with unnecessary tension, develop high level co-ordination and enjoy more bodily comfort, generally.

We all develop habits that make us heavier and more awkward. Over time these habits adversely affect breathing, posture, attitude and comfort. Alexander lessons help to promote a natural lengthening and coordinated expansion of the entire body structure; the postural reflexes are activated and we achieve full free height and expansion. Movement is then more natural, and made with appropriate effort. Most importantly, we can learn to trust ourselves in stressful situations and achieve more reliability in skilled movement.


All Faculty of Music students (with the exception of BMus year 1 who have timetabled group classes) can apply for a bursary of free Alexander Technique lessons. The bursary consists of 6 x 30-minute sessionsPlaces are on a first-come, first-served basis. If all bursary sessions are filled, you will be put on the waiting list and contacted when a space becomes available. These lessons are held on a weekly basis during term time in room 2:22 of the West Wing, King Charles Court.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Trinity Laban Students on a Music or Musical Theatre course
  • You may apply more than once for an Alexander Technique Bursary, but only on completion of your current Bursary.

Application forms are available from Student Services or Moodle. Return your completed application form to Student Services at the Music Faculty.

Contact Details

Erin Sawicka, Student Services Administrator
(working days: Mondays and Fridays)
[email protected]
020 8305 4440