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We are currently undertaking a range of research and knowledge engagement activity in the area of dance and performance science. For information on current projects including related outputs and resources and how to take part, please see below:

Covid-19 Research

A cross-faculty team of students and staff are working across music and dance to explore the motivational and emotional impact of the Covid-19 pandemic among performing arts students and teachers within the higher education sector. Launched in July 2020, the Trinity Laban student-staff collaborative research began as four separate master’s projects before being brought together by programme leader Dr Liliana Araújo and further expanded to focus on students and teachers. The project has three main strands:

1. The motivational and emotional impact of online learning on higher education dance students‘ learning experiences: a survey and interview study. Led by MSc Dance Science students Kendall Baab, Emily Miller and Victoria Michalowsky and supervised by Dr Liliana Araújo and Professor Emma Redding.

2. The motivational and emotional impact of online learning on higher education music students’ learning experiences and motivation to practice during the Covid-19 pandemic: a survey study. Led by MMus student Laura Impallomeni and supervised by Liliana Araújo.

3. The motivational and emotional impact of online teaching on music and dance teachers: a survey study. Led by Liliana Araújo with Sonia Rafferty and Emma Redding.

More details on what the project involved can be found here. (Please note the surveys are now closed.)

Injury Tracking Project

The aim of this project is to gather data from a year-long analysis of the health and injury status of full-time vocational dance students who have had to transition between in-studio and online dance training. All undergraduate dance students are sent an online questionnaire to complete every 5 weeks, which captures data on injury trends (including common sites, causes and whether they have sought treatment) as well as illness patterns, sleep quality, physical activity levels and mental well-being.

Dancers in TL studio class performing a class exercise

Dance Talent Development and Training Research

Trinity Laban Dance Science has undertaken extensive research into dancers in training. We have conducted national research into talent development and identification, developed a comprehensive screening and profiling programme for dancers and created the first dance specific tests of dancer fitness.

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Dancer performing in TL studio with neon lights

Somatics and Creativity Research

By exploring dance practice in its broadest sense, we examine not only the disciplines of physiology, biomechanics and psychology but also the role of somatic practices and embodied and perceptual processes as alternative, relevant ways of knowing, learning and creating dance. This can necessitate a range of methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches.

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Pile of young dancers connected in a dance studio

Dance and Arts for Health and Wellbeing Research

As a physical activity and a creative art form, dance can make a vital contribution to the healthy-living agenda. It has the capacity to provide an active, non-competitive form of exercise that can positively affect physical health and psychological wellbeing across different populations in the community.

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Musician being analysed with a gas analyser whilst playing the drums

Musicians Health and Training Research

Trinity Laban is committed to the development of music performance science research. We have led funded projects into musician injury prevention and performance enhancement, undertaken studies into the physiological demands of Musical Theatre and was one of the 3 UK conservatoires to collaborate on a large-scale 4 year project into musicians’ health and wellbeing.

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Dancer performing in a studio with gas analyser on face.

Student Research

Our current students are undertaking exciting projects within the field of Dance Science. For more information and how to apply to participate, follow the link below:

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