Third year undergraduate students on the BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance programme have been working with leading choreographers Lizzi Kew Ross, Stephanie Schober, Zoi Dimitriou and Jessica Wright during an intensive period of creative exploration and rehearsal. The resulting works premiered in the Laban building’s Bonnie Bird Theatre on Thursday 20 and Friday 21 October, and will now be toured around the UK.

Some Go

Choreography Lizzi Kew Ross – devised with the dancers

Composer Luciano Berio Cries of London (1974-1976) excerpts I III IV V & Cry of Cries

Composer’s introduction

The words are compiled from phrases used by street vendors in old London, but the music is in no way a stylisation of folk-tunes. It is more like an echo of the street vendors’ voices, as the composer absorbed them as they rebounded from the walls of the old houses.

Choreographer’s note

Different images have informed the devising of this piece, as well as the themes and energy of the music: ideas of excavating through the sedimentary archaeological layers underneath the City of London, with the fragmentary echoes of present and past, and drawing on the qualities and ideas from Hogarth's etchings.

Coordination and Navigation of Heterogeneous Humans Stabilised under a Visual Relative Localization

Choreography Zoi Dimitriou – devised with the dancers

Composer Hollie Harding 

Inspired by artificial life simulations, this work explores emergent systems of behavior and their application to choreographic practice and sonic environments towards the creation of intense and visually challenging landscapes.


Choreography Stephanie Schober – devised with the dancers 

In this minimalist work the performers use charcoal and chalk to trace their physical interactions.  The drawings are continuously altered and erased by new movements allowing the choreography to manifest itself across different surfaces and freely in the space.

In the land of Invented Languages

Choreography Jessica Wright in collaboration with the dancers for Studio Wayne McGregor

Blissymbolics is an entirely visual communication system using pictographs which can be combined and recombined in endless ways to represent both objects and ideas.

Studio Wayne McGregor’s learning and engagement work is devised to reflect the professional artistic processes that Wayne McGregor uses with his own company in the studio, ensuring that all who participate in our projects experience cutting edge, high quality practice.

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