Each student in their third and fourth year of the BMus programme or on the MMus programme selects two Specialist Options from a carefully developed list.

Designed to support your future employability, to enable you to develop key repertoire knowledge and/or to deepen your practical skills, these options are delivered by a range of expert teachers with links to professional opportunities highlighted wherever possible.

Specialist Options currently available include the following:

  • Applied Psychology of Performance (MMus)
  • Arrangement and Musical Techniques (BMus and MMus)
  • Conducting (BMus)
  • Cultural Studies (BMus)
  • Digital Musicianship:  Capture,  Edit, Publish (BMus)
  • Digital Musicianship for Performers (BMus)
  • Jazz Improvisation for Classical Musicians (BMus)
  • Harmony and Counterpoint (BMus)
  • Instrumental and Vocal Teaching (BMus and MMus)
  • Making Art Happen (MMus)
  • Mentor Scheme (MMus) - Music and Art (BMus)
  • Music and Dance: a generative process (BMus and MMus)
  • Musical Form and Analysis for Performers (BMus)
  • Non-jazz Improvisation (BMus)
  • Opera Studies (BMus)
  • Orchestration (BMus)
  • Performing Practice (BMus and MMus)
  • Personal Project (BMus and MMus)
  • The Fourth Plinth: [repertoire specific module, content changes annually] (BMus and MMus)
  • The Healthy Musician (BMus)
  • The Visiting Artist (BMus)
  • 21st Century Composition for Performers (BMus)