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Amy Blanchard

Musical Theatre

Represented by Sharon Henry Management

Spotlight Pin: 0454-6756-4662

Name: Zoë Beardsall                       

Height: 5’11”                                        

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Blue                       

Nationality: British    

Accents: *Southern English, RP, Heightened RP, London, Cockney, Essex, Yorkshire, General American, Southern American                          

Vocal range: Soprano F3-F6

Playing age: 18-25  

Dance: basic Ballet, Jazz, basic Tap                       

Skills: Swimming, Cycling, Netball

Credits whilst training:

Alaura Kingsley in City of Angels
(Director: Karen Rabinowitz, Musical Director: Mark Smith, Choreographer: Sarah Drummond)

Ensemble in West End Proms
(Director:Emma Norman, Musical Director: Ed Rugman, Choreographer:Gary Jones-McCaw)

Mrs Doris MacAfee in Bye Bye Birdie
(Director: Michael Howcroft, Musical Director: David Randall, Choreographer: Jenny Arnold)

Mort/Candy Hammernose/Ensemble in Madagascar the Musical Adventure
(Director: Ahmet Ahmet, Musical Director: Lauren Ronan, Choreographer: Helen Rymer)