Alice Sara

Release- Based Technique Teacher and Creative and Performance Component Teacher

Area of Work

Dance - Technique and Performance
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Alice Sara has been performing, teaching and creating for the last 15 years. Her performance work has taken her into varied performance contexts and broad-ranging creative processes that influence all areas of her teaching.  She has performed in the site-specific work of Seven Sisters Group  - most recently working as performer and choreographic assistant for their project ‘Like a Fish Out of Water’ created in partnership with English National Ballet. She took part in the Solo Commissioning Project with Deborah Hay, adapting and performing the solo ‘NEWS’ in various festivals and venues and taking inspiration from her approach to performance practice. She has a long collaboration with the film-maker/choreographer Deborah Tiso, for whom she has performed in films and multi-media projects, and has worked as a performer with choreographers including Tom Dale, Cathy Seago,  Maresa Von Stockert and  Andreja Rausch, and is currently performing with Lizzi Kew-Ross & Co.

She has been teaching release-based technique, creative and performance components at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance for the last ten years, while continuing to teach, create and perform independently. She is currently working on projects with Melanie Clarke, Deborah Tiso and Lizzi Kew-Ross & Co.