Contemporary Level 1 & 2 (Release) - Hannah Cameron

Classes work towards building dance-specific strength, flexibility and co-ordination. In a supportive environment, participants will be encouraged to find a free and full-bodied approach to moving. The class will explore a range of technical principles such as connectivity, using breath to release tension, and finding efficiency whilst moving into and out of the floor. There will be a progression towards expansive travelling phrases focusing on movement quality, musicality and performance. Overall, these classes are inclusive and energetic with a focus on fun and the enjoyment of moving together. 

Contemporary (Release) Level 1 & 2 - Katie cambridge

Katie delivers a lively and engaging class influenced by release-based technique.  Her classes will explore a combination of falling, shifting, and creative improvisation. The classes focus on strength resistance coordination and musicality to encourage freedom of movement, and most importantly a sense of fun and enjoyment. 

Contemporary Level (Graham) 1 & 2 - Christophe Jeannot

Christophe will lead classes in Graham-based, working through the dynamics of the spiral, the oppositions in movements and in space, the use of the centre of the body through the contraction and release and the shift of weight. Such principals, along with dramatic intentions and the importance of focus and breath, will be thoroughly experienced during the floor work which builds strength and flexibility. During the combinations across the floor, the students will be challenged by more complex sequences in which the dramatic value of the movement is as relevant as the use of the technique.

Contemporary Level 2 - Guest Teachers
Amy Butler, Elly Braund, Luke Birch, Ellen van Schuylenburch

The Guest Teachers Contemporary classes give participants the opportunity to experience a range of styles and techniques offered by an assortment of teachers across the fortnight. The course is taught by highly acclaimed dance teachers who are either members of the Trinity Laban Dance Faculty or professional dance companies. The classes will be challenging and dynamic, suitable for students with sound technique or for those that have completed or are completing professional training. Find out more about individual teachers and their classes below;

Luke Birch - Luke teaches a dynamic released-based class, informed by improvisation and somatic practices. The class will explore fundamental body patterns focused around energising the core of the body, and connecting to the ground with our weight. Usually beginning with improvisation or experiential anatomy, we will then explore set exercises and sequences to develop our bodily organisation and connectivity. As well as technical challenges, a sense of dynamic versatility, a playful questioning, and finding both clarity and spontaneity are encouraged.

Elly Braund - Elly delivers a Cunningham-based technique class, building from structured standing exercises to bold travelling sequences, curving and tilting the torso and engaging the whole body, increasing stamina and ending with jumping phrases.   The class strives to build confidence improve technique, musicality and increase participants dance vocabulary

Amy Butler - Amy’s classes draw on a variety of techniques, including Yoga, Kathak and inclusive practice, working with complex coordination and offering the opportunity to make translations when needed and guiding students through this process. The class will encourage participants to work with a variety of textures and dynamics, from the highly athletic to the somatic.

Ellen van Schuylenburch - Ellen van Schuylenburch teaches a Cunningham based technique class. From the start the dancers stand in the centre warming up the spine, the feet and legs. The group adhere to a time signature throughout the exercises, phrases and movement sequences through space - all the time keeping time to life music without expressing the music but creating room for the dancer to listen to him/her self and be present. Spatial directions and shifting fronts happen throughout, increasing the dancer’s spatial awareness and developing a confidence. During class there is no good, no bad, no ugly or beautiful. There is no hierarchy in the use of material. The small and the big are equally important or not important. It is about how the dancer with concentration, patience and perseverance learns and practices and becomes his/her unique dancer self. It is all in the doing.

Lewis Wilkins - Lewis leads a highly physical class that centres around improving efficiency and fluidity when moving in and out of the floor. Working with both improvisation and set material, we will explore organisation of weight and movement patterns that serve to address coordination issues and improve dynamic potential. There will be some strength and skill based inversion training in preparation for sequences rooted within movement vocabulary from breaking and capoeira.

Contemporary (Cunningham) Level 2 & 3 - Hannah Kidd

Hannah teaches a Cunningham based class that focusses on finding a healthy body alignment leading onto a more fluid centre practise. Taking inspiration from her work with Richard Alston Dance Company, Hannah's class aims to combine rhythmical shifts in space with empathy for musicality and dynamics. 

Contemporary (Release) Level 2 - Yael Flexer

Yael Flexer teaches a dynamic release based class. Focusing on skeletal connections and imagery to find an ease and flow of movement through the body. Classes begin with exploratory work alone or with a partner and then move on to formal exercises that build towards driving movement sequences. Emphasis is placed on momentum, inversion and an expansive use of space combined with core strength and a sense of of the skeletal architecture of the body.

Contemporary (Release) Level 3 - Lyndsey McConville

Lyndsey’s class focuses on an energised and dynamic use of the body, together with strong articulation and clarity when moving.  Over the six classes you will build up sequences, which develop week by week and challenge our skill of transposing material from one side to the other.

Ballet Level 1 - Liora Goldwater

This class will have a strong emphasis on technique and alignment. We will work to build strength and fluidity of movement. Working on, repeating and building upon sequences; to build confidence in technique and therefore finding space to refine details. A fun class with great attention to detail.

Ballet (Contemporary Ballet) Level 2 & 3 - Kim Amundsen

The class is delivered in three parts, consisting of Boris Kniaseff Floor Barre technique, followed by Barre work and then a Contemporary Ballet Centre applying the Barre a Terre techniques and methods learnt explored at the start of class.  Classes will support in improving your turn out, increasing flexibility and strengthening the core.  

Useful tips; Wear socks and ballet shoes, which make sliding the feet on the floor easier. Tights or yoga type pants are also helpful to protect the skin and allow for easier sliding on the floor. 

Ballet Level 2 & 3 - Christine Tanner (week 1) and Liz Alpe (week 2)

Week 1:  For the past 25 years Christine has taught contemporary ballet for a variety of schools, courses and companies.  Her classes are enjoyable and productive with an encouraging environment. They encompass a balanced class structure with the aims of improving technique, vocabulary, musicality and artistry. They are based upon her classical origins at the Royal Ballet School but reflect her love of contemporary dance, incorporating imagery as a tool as well as ideas based upon Rudolf Laban’s principles of choreological practice connecting relatedness, effort, actions, dynamics, time and space to movement.

Week 2:  Liz delivers a dynamically diverse class, exploring musicality to stimulate musical responsiveness and develop a strong use of rhythm and dynamics.  The class embodies the fundamental principles of classical technique together with a growing awareness of emerging artistry.  Her approach explores the underlying qualities of the classical technique in an open and collaborative way.  Liz and Christine will be sharing the teaching weeks during summer school. 

Yoga Open Level - Shamita Ray & Letty Mitchell

Session 1 - Morning Yoga with Shamita will energise you for the day ahead. Shamita teaches a flowing, Vinyasa style of yoga that combines the precision and alignment of Iyengar, with the breath and dynamism of Ashtanga. She enjoys being creative in her classes and loves challenging participants to discover what their bodies are truly capable of, while maintaining a sense of humour and playfulness. Specialising in teaching both children and adults, she uses her background as a dancer to choreograph imaginative sequences that move seamlessly from one posture to another, in a dance-like flow of breath and movement.

Session 4 - Restorative Yoga with Letty will be a slow Hatha-style class for the end of the day, with sequences of gentle flow and durational holds to open up and create space within the body and a chance to restore and unwind. As well as offering details on anatomy and technical cueing, a strong emphasis will be given to developing an intuitive approach to physicality, encouraging deeper embodiment within the poses. Guided conscious breath work will be used to inspire a commitment to staying present, assisting the creation of balance and a relaxing state of well-being.

Pilates Open Level - Jade Faithfull & Liora Goldwater

This matwork class is suitable for all levels of ability. Pilates is a bodywork practice taught through a unique system of exercises designed to increase physical fitness and strength through neuro-muscular awareness and the slow and gentle repetition of movements. It contains stretching and strengthening exercises that tone muscles. The technique improves posture, providing flexibility and balance. Its foundation is in the mind body connection. It is a gentle but effective form of exercise offering a holistic approach to body conditioning.

Street Dance Forms Open Level - Simeon Qsyea

These classes will show a range of different street dance, hiphop and funk style techniques.  You will learn a mix of styles Aahehop, lockin, house, new Jack Swing and more.  These are fun filled classes that are aimed at all levels with music from old and new school.  Each class will feel like a mini party. 

Youth Performance Project (16-18 years) - Katie Cambridge

These workshop sessions offer an exciting opportunity to create a new dance work with other young choreographers. With a heavy emphasis on creativity and risk-taking, students will be guided through a variety of choreographic processes generating inventive movement material along the way.  Students will be encouraged to explore their own creativity to devise an original work to be performed at the end of the Dance Summer School.

Studio Wayne McGregor Company Class Open Level

Studio Wayne McGregor artists will deliver a high energy contemporary class focussing on developing technique and in preparation for the demands of McGregor repertoire

Studio Wayne McGregor Company repertoire and creative Open Level

Studio Wayne McGregor artists will teach repertoire from recent company works.  Taught phrases will then be developed through the use of creative tasks and choreographic tools that reflect the methods used by McGregor in the studio.

Contemporary Jazz Open Level - Gavin Eden & Melody Squire

Set to a feel good soundtrack these spirited classes will give you a total body work out. Gavin's class takes its influences from Matt Mattox Jazz and Cunningham Contemporary techniques while focusing on the joy of letting music move you. 

Urban African Contemporary Open Level - Uchenna Dance, Sheila Attah 

The company will lead sessions that introduce the fundamental elements of the Uchenna movement style with a focus on African and House Dance. Classes will also explore Waacking, Vogue and Contemporary Dance; enabling you to experience the full Uchenna movement vocabulary. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn repertoire from the company’s touring show The Head Wrap Diaries.

Dance for Soul Sake Level 2/3 & Open Level - Hagit Yakira

Working through guided processes of improvisation, contact improvisation and different physical tasks, you will be guided to explore sensations, emotions, memories, relationships and connectivity. We will work through the notion of repetition and exhaustion, exhausting elements explored through details and energy. In-between moving and reflecting a sense of intimacy and bonding will happen and with it a physical challenge. The fun environment enables Hagit to push the participants to their limits and to enjoy moving. Combining her skills and expertise as a dance movement therapist with her philosophical approaches to dance, performance and education, she encourages passionate, emotional and experimental approach to dancing and improvisation.

Contact Improvisation Open Level - Kathy Crick

Kathy’s class aims to encourage people to attune their senses and deepen embodied awareness. The principles and skills of giving and supporting weight are communicated through both taught material and guided exploration. She promotes enjoyment and ease of effort in movement and supports the generation of different energetic states for dancing both in and out of contact

Flying Low Technique Level 2/3 - Leila McMillan

Together we will spiral in and out of the earth, pass through expansion and cohesion, run, slide, learn how to challenge gravity, how to fall, how to rise, and how to command your body. We will work with efficient pathways to move with speed without forgetting any part of our body. We will command our body with our voice. We will pass through the space with unlimited possibilities in curve transforming the environment of dance. We will be soft, wild and powerfully spontaneous.

The class will be a combination of principles from Flying Low originally created by David Zambrano and Leila’s further development.

Choreography Open Level (18+ years) - Yael Flexer

Suitable for students over 18 years of age, classes focus on improvisation and creative exploration, leading toward choreographic making. The course will begin with a short historic overview of postmodern choreographic methodologies by key makers moving onto current practice. Classes encompass improvisatory games and visualisations, contact work as well as work with text as stimulus for choreographic thinking. Improvisations are followed by specific choreographic tasks working alone, with partners or in small groups creating short studies. Drawing on Yael’s recent productions and her choreographic methodology the aim is to give participants ‘hands on’ choreographic tools to support their practice and understanding as choreographers and performers.

Classes also offer opportunities for reflection, through discussion and feedback, considering the ways in which a choreographic idea leads to the development of a specific choreographic language, aesthetic and structure. Classes are playful and varied covering a wide range of approaches and are therefore suitable for all, serving as a useful introduction to improvisation and choreography or as an opportunity to challenge existing methodologies for the more experienced practitioner.

Choreological Studies Open Level - Olga Masleinnikova & Sylvie Robaldo

These classes are an exceptional opportunity to explore Rudolf Laban's principles and practice for performing arts and are suitable to all interested in movement, choreography, acting, performance, and directing or teaching. Students will be introduced to the Structural Model of Human Movement containing practical tools for investigating dynamics, body, space, actions and relatedness.

Each day participants will have the opportunity to explore these in solo or group material and gain new perspectives on creating, improvising, performing, developing, observing and directing performance.