The Tate Exchange is a space for everyone to collaborate, test ideas and discover new perspectives on life, through art.

What happens when you bring together visual arts, music and dance, in a place where everyone can get involved, watch new work being made, and participate in the creative process of putting on a performance?

Visit the Tate Exchange at Tate Modern to find out! This year's theme is Movement.

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Leading, Seeing, Becoming

You might see movement by watching dancers and choreographers create a new performance in response to architecture and soundscapes. You could lead a movement by joining in a protest choir. Or push the limits of your comfort zone and become movement by participating in a Friday night Contact Jam.

Take Part

Come up and join our music and dance workshops, spend time with students and faculty from our undergraduate programmes, dancers from our Centre for Advanced Training, older adults from Inspired not Tired and staff and students from one of the most innovative and exciting Conservatoires in the UK.

Save the Dates!

Join us throughout the year to experience Trinity Laban’s free programme of events, situated and inspired by the incredible Tate Exchange space and the Tate modern works!

Wed 20 - Thu 21 Feb, 12.00h - 17.00h
Fri 22 Feb,12.00h - 22.00h

Tue 16 Apr, 12.00h - 17.00h

Sat 18 - Sun 19 May 12.00h - 17.00h


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Contact Us about Tate Exchange

For more information about Trinity Laban’s Tate Exchange programme, please contact Kerry Redfern at or on 020 8305 9364.

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