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The guidelines are designed to keep everyone safe dancing together.

Please be aware that in the event of PHE track and trace contacting us we may need to disclose contact details of participants.

General guidelines


  • All adults and Secondary School aged participants and above entering Trinity Laban buildings will require a negative lateral flow test on the same day, with proof by email or SMS. You must test even if you have had one or both vaccinations.  You must test each day you visit the building.
  • Children of primary or nursery age are not required to receive a test, however all participants must be symptom free and have their temperature checked on arrival.

What to Bring to the Laban Building

  • Where possible travel to TL on foot, bike or by car. If travelling on public transport wear a face covering at all times, remove and store or dispose of masks safely before entering the building.
  • Clean face coverings should be worn within the Laban building but do not need to be worn in the studios if social distancing is observed. Please provide your own masks.
  • Children aged 11yrs and younger are exempt from wearing face coverings.
  • Dress for practical classes at home and wear an additional top layer for protection while travelling to TL. Bring a plastic bag to store your outside clothing and shoes.
  • Bring minimal personal possessions to the building and use cubby holes within your studio to store these.
  • Water fountains will be out of use, please bring sufficient water for your days activities in a clearly identifiable water bottle(s).
  • For Ballet classes; ballet shoes should only be worn in the studios and not in other parts of the building.
  • Training shoes used for strength and conditioning classes should not be worn outside.
  • For Yoga and Pilates, you should bring your own mat.
  • Packed lunches for CAT students should be brought for breaktime.

On Arrival at the Laban Building

  • Arrive in plenty of time or as advised, for your first class as entering the building may take longer than usual, waiting/queuing areas will be clearly signed.
  • Only those participating in a class are permitted in the building.  Younger participants travelling with a parent/carer must be dropped off at the path leading up to the Laban Building entrance, within the grounds.
  • Sign in for your class at reception.
  • Your temperature may be checked before you can enter.
  • Follow the directional signage when moving around the building at all times.  Younger participants will be greeted on arrival by TL staff and guided to the studio, where they will be supervised by the class teacher.
  • Observe physical distancing at all times, 2m where possible (or at least 1m) when coming to, in or moving around the building, this increases to 2.75m in practical classes.
  • Observe signage throughout the building including that advising on restricted use of changing spaces and toilets.
  • Avoid shouting, singing or deliberate deep exhalation inside the building or within 3m of another person if outside.
  • All outdoor clothing to be removed as soon as possible, placed in a plastic bag, please avoid taking outdoor clothing including footwear into the dance studios.
  • All outdoor footwear should be removed as soon as possible. If unable to store in your bag, please leave your outdoor shoes neatly outside the studios.
  • Sanitise hands before entering studios/teaching spaces and repeat regularly during classes and whilst in the building.

Entering the Studio for your Class

  • Minimal personal items should be taken into the studios and should be stored in the cubby holes within studios or, if space is limited, on the floor within the designated area.
  • Wherever possible avoid touching doors and equipment, e.g. AV/IT kit. Teachers will keep studio doors open until the class starts and during breaks.
  • On entering the studio find an empty space that will be your designated dance space for the class. Avoid milling around the studio. Wait in your space for the class to start. Where this is not possible, please adhere to social distancing at all times
  • If you have access needs please choose an appropriate space that enables you to fully participate. Indicate to your teacher if you need support with this.
  • Participants will dance with the same group each session.
  • Toilets are available.  Please ensure only one participant is using the facilities at one time.
  • Your teacher will instruct you to move within the studio safely. You will largely work within a grid system, with 2-3 metres space per participant.
  • Before and after classes Teachers will follow cleaning protocols as indicated on information sheets posted in teaching rooms.
  • Studios are cleaned thoroughly between each class involving different participants.

Breaks, Exiting the Studio and Building

  • When timetabled classes are completed please vacate the studio promptly to enable floor washing by the Facilities team and leave the building as soon as possible.
  • Younger participants will be guided back to the exit by TL staff for collection.  Parents/Carers collecting younger participants must do so at the path leading up to the Laban Building entrance, within the grounds.
  • If waiting for additional activities use outdoor space or designated benches on the ramp and in the bar area, maintaining 2m distancing at all times including over lunch breaks.
  • CAT students may eat lunch within their studio or outside within their group.